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  1. So she sprouted January 11 and started flowering march 11. I would just like someone's opinion. This is my first grow Also.

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  2. Looks pretty good. If I were in your shoes I'd start training those branches to the side to get some more light in the middle.
  3. These are from today and yesterday.

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  4. Ye
    Yea I know but I'm not sure what to use if lst and I don't have much cash at the moment.

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  5. I used regular yarn, and clipped little slots in the side of my container
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  6. Smash them too the side with your hands. Its free

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  7. Lol...spread that bush

    Plant looks good...I would def do some training on her LST/HST, but you don't have to

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  8. Top shelf Led lights cost about 30 bucks on Amazon and lamp from target or wal-mart would help. And ph up and down for your water level. Which is 15 bucks on Amazon. Or u can get it cheaper at a garden store. Just look it up. Great plant by the way

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