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  1. Alright so I'm half way convinced that this girl I'm talking to is leading me but of course I'm not for sure.

    The thing is she is graduating early so I'm not sure if she is just keeping me interested until there is a time where she can cut communication.

    She texts me occasionally and is the one to not reply back after some time. When i text her first it has ended in 1 word answers...a good reason i fucking hate texting and why i try to advocate for being together in person. But the thing is i ask her to come over once and i go over to her house and she invites this other fucking guy over that i don't mind but i'm like what the fuck... i didn't let it bother me and it was just a friendly hangout.

    I've asked her to hangout once after that to come over but it's not happening because she said she had no money to drive from her moms house.

    I haven't had many relationships but i just feel if she really was into me it wouldn't seem like i'm forcing shit.

    What do you blades think? criticism is okay idungivafuk
  2. She's not into you man. If you're that into her you could pull some mind control shit but you don't really have the experience to do so. In all honesty I suggest you forget her and focus elsewhere, it's a win win. If she is into you she'll communicate with you and then it's your turn to do one word answers. If not, you'll be getting a probably hotter poon in no time. The secret my friend can be seen in the common spider. Make your web and chill the fuck out the food will come to you.
  3. just be honest with her for example

    "Baby do you think I'll ever be able to hit skins?"

    hit her with an old school note with this question, then circle YES or NO

  4. leading you on? seems like she just doesn't give a shit at all (no offense, her fault for undervaluing you)
  5. These are the type girls you dont date, if you want to hit it then play her game and text other girls. Take a while to respond to her text and seem like a busy dude with not much time for her.. then when she wants the D hit it and forget it.:devious:

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