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What do you think? w/pics

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nosnowmen, Jun 16, 2010.

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    This is my first grow. I have 3 mid grade bagseed in Fox Farm OF, 1/3 perlite. 5x23w65k cfls. All three look completly diff, but from the same bag. This one, I call her #2, did not grow traditional 2nd leaf set. I swear I have not topped her at all. I have inclosed photographic evidence. Let me know what yall think. How does she look and such? All refs to a female are wishful thinking. They are 15 days today out of ground.

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  2. lookin good.:) you need more light as they get big. read sticky on cfl lighting. keep cfl bulbs close to plants--3-4 inches. gl
  3. I have never seen a plant top itself like that. Weird dude, really weird, but cool too.

    You have like a siamese or something. A two headed snake or something... I dunno what to call it. But cross this strain with a polyploid and let's see what happens :)

    Looking pretty good. I see signs of watering (droopy leaves, wet soil) and would like to mention that you should saturate your soil, then let 5 or so days go by to let it dry out to avoid over-watering. I've run the same soil mix you are now and I see something in your plant that I saw in my own.

    The very beginnings of some hard core magnesium deficiency. Purple stems at this stage in your plants life is all bad news in soil.

    I didn't know what to do... I tried epsom salts... Not the best idea as it started to screw the pH. Eventually (a little too late) I found Botanicare's Cal-Mag Plus. I find most strains, especially the heavier eaters, need additional magnesium and calcium in FFOF if it has not been conditioned with dolomite lime.

    Cal-Mag Plus is a 2-0-0 nutrient with calcium, magnesium, and iron. As I look at your plant I'm thinking how a little extra of all of these is going to benefit your grow. At $15 for a bottle you really can't lose.

    Good deal with the CFL and the growth too. Looking real good thus far. Just keep your eyes open for Ca and Mg issues.
  4. Thank you for the info. That is exactly why I love the GC community. An absolute wealth of good knowledge. I will pick up some Cal Mag plus today after work. I will post pics of the other two, hopefuly ladies (Ill even take a tramp), tonite. Like I said they all came from the same sack, but dont look exact. Thanks again.
  5. Here are some new pics of #2. She has grown quite a bit over the last couple of days. She has 3 leaf, 4 leaf, 5 leaf, and a 7 leaf leaf sets. It is def not symetrical at all. I guess a lot like me, LOL. I add a couple pics of #1 and #3. I topped both of them a few days ago, my first topping ever. #1 is so short and bushy. I have moved her light up about 3 inches hoping that she will stretch just a bit, but that was just about a week ago. She reminds me of my sister, short, fat, squaty, all but and not body.
    I have looked into the cal mag. Thinking about trying the vitamin and dissolving into water. I have heard it mentioned as an idea, but not put to experiment. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I am all ears.

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