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What do you think? w/ (Pics)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dynocrimax, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Its about 6 or so weeks old. Not sure exactly since my bud had it before me. Got off on a slow start but its picking up some speed. Made a grow box from a large server case, 25' tall. I'm hoping it turns out to be a girl :p
    I've been ferting it every few days, I'm not really a noob when it comes to horticulture since i've taken classes before. Just posting to see what you guys think, let me know and any advice is appreciated.


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  2. looks alittle small for 6 weeks but looks healthy to me:hello:
  3. Thanks, but as I said before. My buddy had it before me and did not take good care of it so it's my duty to keep the plant happy :D
  4. That super light yellow-yellowish green on your new growth is not a good sign.

    Give it nothing but water for about 2 weeks. Don't worry, it won't die.
    After that, start a regular feeding schedule again.

    I water with 1/3rd str solution every watering. The pH buffers in the FloraNova nutes I use are awesome when used with soil. (Don't pH the 1/3rd str solution, pH the mixed solution BEFORE you dilute it to 1/3rd strength.)

  5. What is wrong with the color on top of it? I didn't think it is bad. Do you mean give it water and not fertilizer for two weeks?
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    He wants you to flush it. So no nutrients for 2 weeks, just plain old water.
  7. Could you tell me what is wrong with it? And flushing as in transplanting to new soil. I'm a bit lost now that i'm stoned.. I don't want it to die :(
  8. You don't need to move it or anything...just give it nothing but water for about 2 weeks to "flush" the nutrients from the soil and from the roots. The yellowing could be a sign of nutrient burn (too high of a concentration of nutes). If the leaves start to get really dry then you have definitely gone way over with the nutes.

    2 weeks. Nothing but water. She'll (lets hope it's a she) will be happy after that.
  9. Thanks Lukas, that gave me a better understanding. Does anyone have an idea of when I should start the flowering period which from my understanding takes about 8 weeks?
  10. You're switching to 12/12 to flower I'm assuming. At 6 weeks you're probably safe to start flowering, although I'd flush first. That's just me. Just remember that your plant can get up to 3 times taller, so if you're under any height constraints take that into consideration.
  11. Yes, I am talking about flowering, lol.. I can let it get up to 25 inches or a little bushier if I LST it. I am thinking of keeping it in the veg state for a few more weeks then when I buy a timer I will change over. Since this is basically my first one that has gotten this big, do you think I should wait till it gets a lot bigger or go ahead and flower (after I flush of course).
  12. Sorry man I'm high lol. I probably misread all of your posts. It happens :smoking:

    I think by the time you're done flushing it you'll be completely set to flower. It'll be a few inches taller and much healthier. Just keep an eye on all the water you give it for the flush and be good with your lights/temp and she should be good to you.

    Good vibes on it being a female man
  13. Cool, thanks for the help, I appreciate it. Once I start to flower it will get about 3 times the size?
  14. Yes if you force it before you get altering nodes it will triple in size.If you force it when its mature and altering nodes it will double.
  15. Thanks again for the info. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Here are some updated pics. It has more new growth since yesterday as you can see between the lower branches and the top 4 leaves are a bit larger. The yellow topping went away but I've been using just water since last night. It may have just been the lighting when I took the picture that made it look that way.

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  16. id have to agree with HYDRO just cause it looks ok dont mean it is, the stem looks awfully skinny ( main stem ), but i dont know to much about what he ment by the new sets of leaves being to yellow.

    it may be your source of light also, i didnt read all the posts in this thread i just kinda skeemed threw them, but looks like u just have CFLS

    id move the light as close to the plat as possible cause it looks to be stretching a little also

    Good luck man, grow on!!!
  17. The thing was stretched when I got it. He meant the top leaves on the first set of pictures I posted on page 1, which looked yellow. I think it was just the picture because they are fine now.

  18. It's looking nice. I believe you're correct that the photos added a bit more yellow at the top than was truly there.

    I'd give it one or two more plain waterings when it needs it and then get back to feeding her. :)
  19. Thanks. When flowing time comes (Few weeks or more), can I just keep using my CFL which is a 23 W** =100 Watts(I have 4 by the way and a Y splitter just in case). They are 1600 Lumens and they have been working good so far. I also bought a timer and I was wondering what I should use for food. Like ratio, 10-10-10, I know less nitrate and more phosphate and potassium, but I'm not quite sure how much of each.

    Thanks in advance!
  20. You'll want 5 of those 23 watters at least. If you don't have a small reflective area, you'll want more. None of the leaves or flowers should be more than 6" away from a bulb if you use those bulbs.

    Look into LST or Scrog to maximize your yield.

    As for nutes? I have no idea what soil you're using.
    Personally I use plain soil without nutrients added to it and feed with General Hydroponics FloraNova nutrients.
    Veg with 5-7ml of Grow per gallon of RO, pH and then dilute to 1/3rd strength. Use every watering and don't let it sit for longer than 24 without a bubbler and being in the dark.

    (I just mix it up before I use it and then discard the little bit left over)

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