What do you think this girl's intentions are?

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  1. i'm 24 (soon 25) and my first gf broke up with me 2 months ago and I have no one now as I have no friends but i keep busy, I work, volunteer, work on my car study for my lawschool exam.

    anyways..... On facebook there is this girl I went to highschool with (7 years ago) and I bumped into her in university once also (we went to teh same university) but we never were friends nor talked or whatever.

    I asked for her number 2 years ago when I bumped into her in university but for some reason I never called her (my social anxiety). we are both out of university now. she is going travelling, backpacking across europe this summer.

    anyway i've had her on facebook for a year now she added me. I have no real friens so no one ever really posts anything on my facebook page but she has commented on a bunch of my status updates adn asked me hows it going etc.

    2 days ago I just posted on her page saying "happy birthday" cus it was her birthday.

    now I got a private message saying thanks, I haven't seen you in 7 years I think we should get together for lunch to catch up .

    thing is I was never friensd with her in highschool but i had a feeling she liked me in highschool. I was at a party in the last year of highscchool and I was drunk and stoned and I remember she wanted to smoke weed with me even though she doesn't really smoke weed.

    also on her facebook page it says "in a relationship" but it doesn't say with who.

    based on this do you think she just wants to have lunch with me to make friends?

    we were really never friends or anything in highschool so I have a feeling she likes me. when I bumped into her in university she also gave me her number.

    I'm just curious as if she likes me as a friend or more. I don't really care. I don't mind making friends I have zero friends right now. it'd be nice making a friend.

    also what should I respond to her message? Ihaven't responded yet. I was thinking of just saying yeah that's cool, here is my number we can go for lunch sometime like next week i'm off on fridays and weekends. or whatever.
  2. Stop. Just fucking stop thinking. Ok?

    Now say "I'd love to go out for coffee or something sometime and catch up. What's your number? When are you free?"

    Report back afterwards.
  3. lol yeah I guess I overthink everything.

    i'm just wondering if she likes me or just wants to just "catch up" and be friends with me even though we were never friends in highschool.
  4. The ol' "lets have lunch, friend" bit eh? Obviously she is going to abduct you, isn't that obvious? Don't fall for it, she might try to rape, kill, abduct you!
  5. she's going to stick your head in her vagina, break a bottle over her FUPA and then assrape you with the broken glass
  6. haha this kinda sounds like me. One way out to if she likes u is to flirt with her and see if she flirts back. But it sounds like she is interested in u, why else would she go through so work much to get your attention?
  7. she's not even hot but she is skinny and blonde and I'm trying to figure out if she likes me or just wants to be friends with me.

    I don't really see why she's want to catch up after 7 years out of highschool when we were never friends or anythign before.

    she also knows my sister cus she used to work with my sister at the same job and she had my sister on facebook also but she deleted my sister from her facebook for some reason lol.

    thing is her facebook page says "in a relationship"

    doesn't that automatically mean she just wants to be friends with me.

    maybe I should have lunch with her and see if she bring up the topic of having a boyfriend.

    do girls with boyfriends go out to lunch with other guys to catch up??

    I don't think most boyfriends would be cool with their girl out eating lunch and hanging out with some guy.
  8. Wow man you just need to chill a little. Go have lunch with her, catch up... ask if shes seeing anybody. She might ask you the same question. Don't spend so much time thinking of how you're going to respond to what she says, let it flow organically. Don't make any assumptions.

    Even if she has a boyfriend, whats wrong with making a friend?

  9. Oh, that makes her okay then.

  10. hahaha
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    Yesssssssssss! Ive been waiting for another of this tards threads!

    This hopeless cunt cant seem to realize the "fuck it lets see what happens" approach to life. That or the girl is soo fugly that he will only be seen with her in public if there is guaranteed poon.

    disrespect and name calling others isn't allowed here
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    nothing wrong with catching up with old schoolmate's or hallway acquaintance's.
    she prolly just want's to see what's good with you soo go have fun.
  13. I think she's intending to have some coffee with you. Or some lunch.

    What answer is he looking for again?
  14. In summary, the OP ran into a not-so-hot-but-skinny-and-blonde chick from high school, and he was wondering if a "let's have lunch" comment somehow could be construed into "shove it in my ass, big boy", and therefore is slightly concerned about her "in a relationship" FB status.

    Then again, that's just my translation...:cool:
  15. i know plenty of girls that have there relationship status set to in a relationship (when they are not) so that guys dont bug the shit out of them...
  16. I think Yummybud wants to know if he should be trying to run some game on her during lunch or just eat and try and interact with another similarly aged, non-familial human being normally. I'd suggest the latter, Yummy. Don't concentrate on losing your V or finding a new girl friend at all until you have a couple friends around. The last girl found you when you weren't even trying, so chill out, concentrate on making yourself a less socially fragile individual and maybe another one will fall in your lap too. You'll be much better able to handle a relationship then.

    Aim for the friendzone basically.
  17. yeah.. I know right? :rolleyes:

  18. My girl only has guy friends, and eat's with them often..... I have no problem with it, I TRUST HER! lol, it's the insecure prick's that don't let their girl hang out with other guys!
  19. ^ Seriously.

    I would never date a guy who said I wasn't allowed to eat lunch with my male friends. Screw that insecure bullshit
  20. ok cool...... I think this time I'll actually aim to go in the friendzone.

    like I said I don't mind having a friend that is a girl. But i'm not sure what she wants because i think she used to have a crush on me in highschool but that was 7 years ago.

    so I don't know if she wants to just catch up and be friends with me or more than that.

    honestly I wouldn't want her as a girlfriendn but i'd have sex with her cus i'm a guy and i'm super horny all the time and she's skinny and not fugly and that is good enough for me to have sex with but I don't have feelings for her to want her as a girlfriend.

    but most likely she just wants to catch up like she said and maybe be friends? which would be cool as a I have no friends....... making one friend is nice.

    plus I think making friends with a girl has advantages she probably knows lots of other girls that she might be able to introduce you to right?

    she gave me her number and I told her i'd call her next weekend to meet up . she told me she is available fridays after 6pm and weekends but is busy this weekend so I told her i'd call or text her next week.

    i'm a social retard i'm kinda nervous meeting her even though its not a date or anything.

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