what do you think should happen to Saddam Hussein ???

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mooglekexin, Feb 22, 2004.


well ???

  1. DEATH, he deserves it for all he did

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  2. JAIL, an eye for an eye is just as bad

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  3. TORTURED, death is too good for him

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  4. RELEASED, ... cant think of a reason

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  5. TURNED OVER TO THE IRAQI GOV., its their problem

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  6. OTHER, please specifiy

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  1. well the red cross went to see him and he sent a letter to his family and it got me thinking, what should happen to him ??
  2. and i dont know why sending a letter got me thinking this, maybe the possibility of him actually being human...

    i am in no way sympathetic to him tho, but the death penalty is bollocks, and it would make a martyr of him
  3. They should send him into space and release him in to the abyss.
  4. release him. Bush lied about there being WMD. do you really think we wouldve done anything if there wasnt any oil? Haiti is a good example of that right now. why havent we sent any troops to quall the strugle in Haiti? cuz they dont have something we want.... and thats the only reason we entered Iraq.
  5. if saddam should be killed for what he did, then it only makes sense that you gotta kill most of the US government.
  6. I personally think he should be turned over to the Iraqi
    people, and let them decide what happens. It's not our place
    to say what should be done.

    Having said that, I believe that the Iraqi people will probably
    execute him. Oh well, I can't say that I'll cry over that.
  7. I don't see how releasing him could be justified. Millions died because of decisions HE made, so yea lets just let him go...wtf?!?!

  8. a-fuckin-men!

  9. i dont understand ur sarcasm. we voted for the same thing. you have to realize... i didnt mean the "realease him, i dont know why" one, i meant the release him back to his own people one. i know damn well why i would release him. its not our problem.

  10. Ahhh, okay. Now you're making sense.

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