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  1. Joe Rogans fart principle?

    If you don't know what that is, it is the idea that if we didn't have hearing or a sense of smell than someone could fart right next to us and we would be sitting in this horribly smelling stuff, yet we would even know it.

    So then Joe goes on to say that how do we not know that there isn't an infinite amount of things going on around us right now but we just cannot sense them and they do not affect us.
  2. Ah the way Joe Rogan conceptualizes and articulates his arguments is magnificent!

    We do know of a lot of things going on around us that we cannot perceive without the help of tools, so he is correct to a point I don't know if I would say an infinite amount of things going on though I think there probably is an upper limit of natural processes, maybe?:confused:

  3. I see nature as being infinite.

    I believe in an infinite universe and infinite parallel universes so I think there is no upper limit...

    I honestly think everything is possible. Like somewhere there is a universe with a totally different set of physics that would blow us away. Some may call that a fantasy lol but I think it's atleast somewhat possible even if the so-called probability is low.
  4. Very amazing concept. LOL. Guess it doesn't really matter though?
  5. Yeah I've heard about and thought of the concept a lot, never heard it put that way though lol
  6. Do you think we will ever evolve so that we can experience these senses? If not, does that mean humans have always had five senses?
  7. There in fact is things going on all around that we cannot sense and scientists have never detected, it is called dark matter and dark energy. Without this theoretical matter and energy our understanding of physics and gravity would be completely wrong and scientists have been trying for years to detect this stuff but haven't found it.
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    They don't affect us? Why do you think that your brain says something stinks? It has nothing to do with the fact that is it a toxic, flammable gas, and you shouldn't breathe it?

    I dare you to get a garbage bag full of methane gas and inhale it all. Let me tell you this; your brain says it smells for a reason.

    Edit: It's silly to say something so...silly? You're talking about a hypothetical situation in which you remove a sense that led to you being here. If you never evolved with a sense of smell, you would not be who you are, thus removing the reason for this conversation, unless it has some serious work done to it's opening argument. You smell things because it is necessary. Sure, some people go on just fine without a sense of smell, but remove it from the population of Earth, and things go haywire. Let me reiterate; you smell it because you need to, or needed to. Sure, someone can fart and you may never know it way there. Doesn't that mean the ppm was so miniscule that there was no reason to send a warning to the brain? Just because you don't know you smelled it, doesn't mean it doesn't affect you. I never saw my great-great-great grandfather, but that doesn't mean it didn't affect me. (Sight is a sense.)

    I think people misunderstand what a sense is. A sense is not your nose and eyes and whatnot, it is the fact that you know it's there. Just because you don't know it, doesn't mean that it is not.
  9. ^^ LOL
    i think you misunderstand the post

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