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What do you think of...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I wrote this description to my friend who was curious what it's like to get high. He used to be really against weed, and looked down on people who smoked, but recently has started seeing it in a new light. How well do you think I described it?

    "Basically, it's an interesting mind set, that slows you down after a long day, or makes a lazy day more relaxing. You know that feeling you get when you accomplished everything you have to do and you just have the rest of the day to do whatever? That feeling is what it feels like to be high. You melt into a mild joy, and can't help but grin. You know that grinning for no reason is silly, so you'll laugh about it. Every thing seems way more interesting than usual, not because you're high, but because you notice the common things you usually overlook when your mind is consumed with worries. You don't FORGET your worries, you can easily think about them. But you tend to think more in the present when you're high. You live in the NOW. Sure you can get scared if you get consumed by a frightening thought, like, "The cops are outside," or "omg my hearts racing," but that's the only bad side. Your mouth will get dry, but that's fine, because water tastes sweet. Litterally. If you were at the beach, swimming in salt water, and you come back to shore to drink clean water, it will taste sweet. Not because you're high, but you're once again tasting things you commonly overlook (or over taste). The reason you're not overlooking these things is because you're only focused on what's happening now. This causes short term memory loss, but if you think hard enough you can remember anything, like where you accidently set your keys down. Everything's a lot more slow too. Not ridiculous slow-mo, but just more calm. Atmospheric noises are more noticeable, oh and music sounds much more rich as well."

    Did I describe it well?
  2. Well done good sir
  3. *Applause*
  4. My friend later told me that my description actually "enticed" him, and that he would be interested in trying it.

    So there is hope for reeducating the nonbelievers. Haha.

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