What do you think of watering and foliar feeding at night?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by virginharvester, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. So I'm reading up and an article said watering at night and folier feeding are potentially bad for the plant because it increased humidity and chance for mold/fungus. Well, I have to water at night for one thing and I don't foliar feed but I do spray with neem oil at night- I only water and spray about once every 5 days. So since neem kills fungus and mold it seems pretty unlikely that either would be born or influenced to grow by spraying at night. Just wondered if anyone has an opinion or experienced a problem from foliar spraying at night.
  2. you should foliar spray at around sundown because if you spray during the hot sun in the middle of the day the droplets can act as a magnifying glass effect and burn the leaves.
  3. foliar feeding is meant to be done at in the early morning because thats when the plant "opens up" to take in the nutrients. since you are talking about neem oil and not giving your plants nutrients, you dont really need to worry about that. any time will be fine.

    watering during the night is fine.
  4. Just do it whenever you can...it wont make much of a differece if your feed and water at night or during the day. Mother nature doesnt have a schedule, so you really dont need one either.
  5. Ya like the last guy said, it doesn't matter when you water in my eyes...Ive watered at all times and I get the same results, nice plants. But If i was in a perfect world and i had an automatic watering system to my plants i would program the timer to water for a half hour in the morning around 7am and then at around 9 pm the same thing (sunrise and sunset).

    Peace and Pot:cool:
  6. That's wioth regular watering though, with foliar feeding you need to be more picky. You don't want them soaking wet in the blazing sun.
  7. The only thing you need to worry about with foliar feeding is to not apply it in direct sunlight.
  8. If u foiliar feed at night then the plant wont be drinking it! The plant is only actively eating while its doing photosynthesis. Yes plants transpire a bit at night and drink a tiny bit, but their stomatas close at night and reopen at daybreak. Bottom line is yes they may drink a little of it but its best to spray right before lights on so their stomatas open and take it inp

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