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what do you think of this?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by starvingstudent, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Hey guys. heres a few more pics of my new and improved over night grow room (bigger light and opened door)
    Let me know what you think. All plants are flowering...any idea on yield? In the corner (with the noticable buds) is the mother of our mutant clones.

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  2. the one in the corner

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  3. this is a close up of the mother

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  4. this is the best looking one (flowering for under three weeks with 400watt now switched to 1000w last night)

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  5. close up

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  6. looking good.....well done......Peace out.....Sid
  7. other plants

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  8. In those first few pics I couldn't tell where the mylar stopped and the garden begun lol
  9. yeah i thought he was taking the piss...lol...a handle like "starving student" and a forrest....i thought he stole the pic and then i noticed the mylar....lol.....Peace out...Sid
  10. thanks guys. hey vatoloco im thinking about moving out to Nelson BC in the fall do you know anything about it?
  11. hey sid that plant that you thought might be maui waui before is that pic of the good one, does it still look the same?
  12. the 3rd or 5th one.....pic 5 looks like mine........Peace out.....Sid
  13. Ya its the 5th one...........the 3rd one is mother of those mutant clones that I posted a few days ago.
  14. yeah it looks identical to my last grow....if you look back in the search engine you'll find pics of it.....the resemblence is uncanny.......Peace out.....Sid
  15. Hey I looked back at those pics, what kind of light were they growing under?
  16. a duel spectrum of 150w MH....and a 400w HPS......for the vegging and just the hps for flowering......Peace out.....Sid

  17. I only heard good things about Nelson but never got a chance to see it...btw I don't live in BC anymore, I can't change the location so I just leave it as is.
  18. looking beautiful how many plants do you have in total in that grow room?
  19. great looking plants man. you wont be starving for long. try that 1000 watter on your first day flowering next time. oh and go hydro , youll never be hungry again. good luck

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