What do you think of this stealth cabinet?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by freenerd, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Yielder Max / Hydro / CFL

    Does anybody know of its rep? I'm getting it at a really good price, used, but I'll probably have to get a new lighting, filtration, and carbon scrubber.

    Anybody else use stealth cabs?
  2. Unless you are getting it for $100 it seems worthless. The included hydro kit is not what you would use for cannabis. No reason for a 12 hole rez as you will only fit 1 plant at a time in that space without crowding. The bottom chamber takes away from valuable grow height for the top chamber. Plus if you are only going to be replacing the lights( more $$$) and carbon filter(good 4" CAN 2600 carbon filter is $80). I do like the hard side metal box. What is your reason behind getting this unit? Is stealth an issue for you? Otherwise a 24'x24" grow tent outfitted with the same gear is a fraction of the price. Now if you are handy with tools you can build your own stealth box also for a fraction of the price.
  3. You can take the shelf out for extra space, thankfully.

    I am getting it for 357 USD, equivalent. Yea, I know I will have to put in some money to get it up to snuff, he is selling all his equipment, like lights and pots, but more expensive, obviously.

    Stealth, because my parents visit. Sometimes, have a friend or maybe bring a girl over. A grow tent is kinda a bit too obvious, I think. I agree, it would be so much cheaper, and being tight on money it would be so much. Honestly, the biggest issue is my parents. They would ask what is the grow tent? Stealth grow tent, they would also ask, but I would just say extra storage, and since its locked, they won't know what is inside. Another minor issue is my landlord, who never comes without notice, and virtually never comes inside my room, but the potential does remain.

    I thought I was getting at a steal since it costs like 1700 usd without shipping. I'd like a grow tent, but I think stealth might be a good idea. Especially in the long run. I live in UK not America, to my great and unending sadness, there is no concept of legal bud or that it's not a big deal.
  4. I'd genuinely love to build my own stealth cabinet. Don't really have the tools, nor really the space. Although, I could probably do it in my room or out in the small backyard.

    But come on fellas, you guys don't have love for these professional made stealth cabs?

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