What do you think of this rig

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  1. Just cleaned my rig what do you guys think
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  2. I Think It's still dirty in bottom pic over inline on right side.

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  3. Like the brand and the inline to the 3 whole ball. Very nice 👌
  4. To much diffusion for oil.
  5. How can there be too much diffusion on this piece?
    Then a fab egg has too much diffusion.
    Or a torus.
    Or any rig basically that isn't a downstem with less then 6 holes...
  6. Ok more so a little to big and that is a giant inline perc. And yes most motherships are way to much dissusion which is why the smaller the mothership the higher the price tag. Most ms pieces were made with flower in mind when they were designed
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    I went from this 11.5 inch 6 hole devol down to this 7.5 inch 3 hole devol and I will have to say the smaller one hits so much smoother with far more taste.

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  8. I have a 8 inch mini circ to circ that has more flavor then my 9 inch recycler. And the circ to circ is 2 percs. Most would say it's way too much for oil but it's my baby.
  9. Pic?

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  10. I've posted it before, they're a lil dirty now though... lol...

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  11. It was dirty in that pic haha I cleaned it after
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    May be true but I wouldn't say there is too much diffusion, it definatly tastes awesome and hits real smooth
  13. Yea no hate from me its a cool bent (I have owned 2 bent pieces myself). But I say to much diffusion because the large the tube and the more the diffusion the more reclaim you will lose to the inside of the tube which equals more oil you lose when trying to get high.
  14. That's too true... my circ to circ wastes half of the oil i put into it. After putting through 2.5 gs of oil i got 1.1 gs of claim. That has nothing to do with flavor though, flavor seems to be lost from when the vapor lingers after coming through the water. The less time the vapor sits before it gets to your face parts the better. I'm using the recycler today and i'm surprised by how nice the flavor coming out is, i forgot, but somehow the circ to circ wins hands down still. I'm not sure how...

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