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    Hello there! Long time user (not of the site ;)) and first time poster. Just wondering what you all think about this as I am thinking about buying one sometime down the line. I have smoked out of quite a few things in my time but I only bought one piece for myself about 3 years ago. The piece I already own is a very nice GravLabs bubbler, the little one like this and I really like it a lot.

    Smoked out of just about everything and I have finally smoked out of enough bongs to have a good idea of what I would want. Looking for something stemless that isn't too big and very smooth hitting (but who isn't looking for smooth?).

    Anyway, I am thinking about getting the GravLabs Nano 8 arm Stemless. It seems to fit the bill well and looks like a good price ($150), especially for having a perc. Picture attached. Sorry for the lack of a link but it keeps getting changed to all asterisks.

    What are your opinions and do you have anything else you might recommend? I am very firm on the stemless and straight style, however. They just look too good. :D

    EDIT: I have also found this. I have never tried a honeycomb perc before and at 160 it is very tempting. Has anyone here tried one to compare it to standard tree percs, etc?

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  2. Sooo sleek. Love t!
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    Thanks. :) I hope someone who has tried one gets in here though. I am also wondering about the top where you put your mouth. It looks very slim and I am not sure how I feel about that. Considering that it is only 1 foot tall that part might be a bit slimmer than it looks. :p
  4. tree percs tend to add a lot of drag and reduce flavor, honeycomb percs add almost no drag (I don't notice it) and preserve flavor better in my opinion. that said, I feel honeycombs don't cut as much on the heat of a hit - which isn't an issue so much if you dab and use concentrates, but flowers can be hotter depending on the piece.
  5. If that's one of those tubes with a 10mm joint dont buy it. It will be damn near impossible to find a new slide if you ever break yours or want to upgrade.

  6. More percolation = less taste
  7. I have always stayed away from the reduced size mouthpiece. I feel that it adds unnecessary drag with the pircs
  8. On the grav labs bong, the bottom perc is a natural perc which will give you really shitty diffusion, and the cheech is really smalll, my buddy owns one. Splash in your mouth is inevitable on it. Honeycombs are good percs but maybe get an apix if you want a quality one without overpaying.
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    Does anyone have any other suggestions on what I should get since the GravLabs seems to not be so good? I am planning on spending around $150 but can go up to $200 if it is really worth the extra money.

    Thanks for the responses! :)

    EDIT: Just checked out some Apix and I really like the diffusor on the bottom but I also want something with a little pizzaz if you know what I mean. At least one thing on the way up to do something cool with the smoke would be nice. :) Something like a tree perc, Honeycomb, etc. I also like ice catchers/splash guards quite a bit. :)

    I am not trying to sound lazy but there are just SO many pieces to choose from on this site and some other sites that I am checking out and it is a little intimidating. Especially when I want to get something very nice for a good price. :p
  10. Lol that apix will hit so much better then anything for 150-200. Tree Percs are terrible btw...
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    How are the honeycombs? I like how trees look but if they do not perform well then I don't plan to consider them. The one that I linked in the OP has a double honeycomb which looks like it would work very well. The only problem I have is that I have never smoked out of a very nice bong before. I have tried a lot of little ones though. The thing that made me decide to get a nice bong was a friend of mine got a nice one recently and I really liked it. It was a stemless, no perc, no diffuser, standard bong from GravLabs. It still hit very well so I decided to get something similar but a little nicer since I liked it quite a lot. :p

    The Apix is nice (looking, since I have never tried it) but the double honeycomb in the OP is 7mm thick glass and from what I read honeycombs are quite nice as well. Would you know how the two compare?

    EDIT: Here is what my friend had that I really liked. I figure that it will not be hard to find something that is a little better at that price so I came here to look. Thanks for everyone's help btw. :)
  12. Drop Dan an email. He's the blower at Apix. I'm currently waiting on a king stemline to circ disc. Bad ass piece, itty bitty price tag

  13. Thanks I will. :)

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