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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Boobar, May 31, 2013.

  1. Thinking about growing my own soon and I'm gonna need a stealth grow (roommate's wouldn't approve of growing weed in their house).
    To be honest, I'm not very handy and I'd probably fuck anything I try to build up so I'm looking for an 'all-in-one' box that suits my needs. I've come across this on eBay, - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stealth-Pc-Grow-Case-Box-/251273104257?pt=UK_HomeGarden_Garden_PlantsSeedsBulbs_JN&hash=item3a810b4b81 - what do you guys think? I'd only be using to grow a couple of Lowryder #2s.
    The fact that there's only one light is what's stopping me from buying it atm. Like I said, I'm not handy so I wouldn't be able to modify it it. Would 1 85W 2700K be sufficient for growing 2 Lowryders?
    Cheers in advance.

  2. I would also get a 6400k cfl bulb as well for the veg leave it on 18/6 for first 8 weeks (6 weeks at the least) then put the bulb that comes with it in And switch to 12/12. I'm taking it your in UK if so use babybio for the veg period at 1/4 strength on bottle for first feed then 1/2 strength till flower then for flower stage use babybio citrus at 1/2 strength till last 2 week and use pure water.

    Great case though let us know how it goes
  3. Thanks for your reply. 
    My other option is this. I have a cupboard in my room and this would just about fit, slightly more risky but a risk I'd be wiling to take haha.
    Which would you get between the two, PC Grow or full on tent. Would the yield from the tent be worth the extra risk bearing in mind I'd be growing autos?
  4. for ultimate stealth, that pc box looks great. youd have to do something about the smell, in my experience some pc fans do have enough power to push air through a 4 inch carbon filter.
    For me though, building the box is all part of the fun. If you seriously cannot manage doing any diy whatsoever, you'll end up having to pay more for something which would cost you a fraction of the price to build yourself. Im guessing youre from the UK so if you do decide to build one, get a 25l or a 50l plastic kitchen bin. Theyre airtight and easy to make holes in for fans etc
  5. Ok so didn't even think about using a bin, spose you could even hinge a door on the rear for easier access.

    Yeild wise with an auto, from what I understand they can grow to a fair size. unless your willing to take some time with it training, so on that "train" pc "untrain" tent. It all depends on you and what you feel your abilities are best suited to.
    Personally I would go for tent means less work and less time opening doors. Less likely someone will catch you
    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  6. While I wholly support growing in stealth and all that...hiding it from your roommates? that's only gonna end badly man. I'm assuming they're in the majority in your house(and/or their name/s are on the lease) and you should probably respect that...
    If you ignore all that though, yeah, that pc box is a good choice.
  7. Ok so doormouse makes a very valid point. Is there anychance you could talk to your room mates. Say slip them some personal at the end of every harvest to make some profit on top of rent. If not maybe finding somewhere that can offer such ability might be a good option. If you don't wanna risk talking I would say if you are going to do it keep it as small as possible and get stuff send to a "safe address" where nk questions will be asked and away from the grow itself. Good luck mate

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  8. i can sort of understand this view, but at the end of the day youre hiding it from the law anyway so why bother about co-habitants who are paying rent just like you are. If its a stealth grow in a pc box with a carbon filter, theres an almost 100% chance it'll be undetectable.
    what I definitely wouldn't do is ask them about it, let alone offer to sell them some personal at the end as bozie suggested. Remember the golden rule - tell no one
  9. As I said if he doesn't want to risk it then don't but yeah try and keep to the rule DONT TELL ANYONE. a PC case would be a good option only if you are hiding it or buy 2 or 3 and have a fully working one and use the excuse that the others are for spares
  10. you wouldn't even need an excuse, since when would any housemate interrogate you on the number of cpus in your room? The majority of people who don't know about weed would never even imagine that weed could be grown 1) without smell and 2) inside a computer. that's why pc grow boxes and carbon filters are brilliant
  11. Very valid point trifle but I always believe in trying to cover all bases where security is concerned. I've installed cctv on my house months ago for my "tools" in the garage
  12. You are a tool...
  13. Can you edit time? Does it block smell?
  14. Thank you matmew I do try
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    Thanks for the reply everyone.
    Regarding the roommate issue - The smell isn't a problem as they're cool with me smoking in my room. one of them is a huge stoner too and knows I'll be growing. The other two are super cool about us smoking and we don't need to hide it at all. Having said that, I couldn't trust them to keep it to themselves and I want as few people to know as possible so I could do with it being pretty stealthy.
    General consensus here is that the PC box seems like a decent buy, I understand I could build it for less but, to be honest, it's not worth the hassle for me, so I'd prefer to pay extra and get an all-in-one. 
    Again, thanks again GC!
  16. Well I for one will be untreated to see how you get on so please keep us updated
  17. Untreated was ment to say interested using mobile with some random predictions
  18. I have the exact same case except I bought the case as an actual pc case and not a stealth box, although my intentions were to make it into a grow box. You're gonna need to do something about the smell maybe just make a homemade carbon filter. All the best to you and your endeavour to grow!
  19. Thanks dude.
    What sort of yield are you getting from yours?
  20. I haven't started growing yet unfortunately. When I first started the project of turning it into a grow box my condition in life was perfect but unfortunately it no longer is. If I start growing I don't wanna half arse it and right now, in my situation, I know I'll half arse it and in turn probably get caught due to carelessness. But for now the box is sitting in my room waiting for the perfect moment to start, hopefully soon lol

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