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What do you think of this guys opinions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dexter12, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. [ame=]Marijuana Sucks - YouTube[/ame]

  2. He makes a good point, but it is sadly its hidden within prejudices.
    He might as well be saying "all mexicans looooove tamales but I hate them, so FUCK every mexican!"
  3. The only thing I agree with is the I think I'm a genious because I'm stoned. I hear stoners sober with "great" Ideas that are just fucking stupid, HighDeas is proof of this.
  4. He honestly doesn't make any sense.. he thinks that you look like a hippy when you smoke weed, no point has been made at all, he tries to make it sound like it DOESN'T make you creative, but it genuinely does, physically.
  5. Another smoker who believes saying one bad thing about weed is sheer blasphemy, please JoeObey tell me how it makes you creative. Please elaborate, I'd love to hear this.
  6. He hardly has a mastery of the english language himself (I'm under no self delusions?)so I don't understand how he figures he is qualified to judge the cognitive ability of ANYONE let alone a marijuana user. I know people who smoke 5 times as much weed in a day as I do that could have this guy arguing circles in less than 3 minutes of debate on the subject. I also know drinkers who could do the same. What we do in our spare time doesn't define our mental capacities.

    Its really easy to make a youtube video and argue successfully (against no one) that drinking is better than marijuana if you include no actual facts and replace them with a skit of your impression of every alcohol user vs every marijuana user on earth.

    He portrays himself as a responsible drinker under no "self delusions" (as if there were another kind of way to be delusional) of hightened abilities drinking so maybe it is a better alternative to weed for him but his argument falls flat when he tries to pigeon-hole every drinker on earth and every marijuana user on earth.
  7. In high school my art teacher was originally going to be a mathematician. He was in his final year of schooling and he was introduced to weed. It was that year he dropped out and became an art major which lead to him being an art teacher. He is still an amazing artist, and he was definitely influenced by weed.

    More often then not I have a different mind set when under the influence which leads me to having a different view on the art I'm creating.
    I can also paint for hours if I start after smoking, but when I'm sober I have a hard time pin pointing what it is I want to put onto my canvas of choice.
  8. Yes MaryJ is great for the arts (music, drawing/painting,writing), writing is one of my hobbies and I can literally write a novel in one night when I'm stoned (rough drafts, then sober I revise and edit it, and make it to a novel) I can create worlds and stories. But to the average person I really don't see how it is. The average person doesn't write books for fun.
  9. Dumb people that smoke weed are still dumb. Dumb people will always be dumb with weed in there life or not. Same with lazy people. If you are already lazy and smoke weed you go from just being a lazy asshole to being a lazy stoner.
  10. Or what about the people that smoke for medical reasons?
  11. I prefer drug users to sober ignorance.
  12. I see me smokin for a long time and him dyin early of liver decease...
  13. Not sure if anyone else picked up on this, but the reason that this video was created...

    The guy is shitfaced drunk in the video. He had nothing to do with himself the night he made that video. No shit he's going to hate on something. That's what people like him do.

    Stop giving him views.

  14. Well said... Probly thanks all the hits are fans...lmfao.
  15. I don't hear slurred speech, low eyes or undcoordinated movement, he isn't shit faced drunk. Lmao. But please lets get more opinions of us smokers, about this guy.
  16. He is entitled to his opinion just like I am aloud to call him a useless waste of space with no fucking brains and he is a redneck who fucks his sister.
  17. Fuck him. if he met me in real life he would not have the balls to say any of that to my face. so who gives a shit. like someone said, its easy to win a arguement when no one is there to argue with.
  18. What do I think of his opinions?

    Well, I think his opinions are precisely that; opinions. The only qualm I have really is the fact that he makes sweeping generalizations about both alcoholics and potheads, but whatever.

    But anyways, I personally like drinking AND getting stoned at the same time. That way I can be a "stupid drunk asshole" and super brilliantly stoned hippy at the same time. ;)
  19. Did a bag of weed like fall from a skyscraper and crush his dad or something :confused:? He is PISSED at stoners...not sure why.

    His arguments weren't particularly logical. He was bitching about comparing weed to alcohol, then spent time doing just that (But it's hard not to, I must say). If he isn't a fan of stoner douchebags, I can see what he means. But every demographic has douchebags.

    He's entitled to his opinion, but I don't agree with him.
  20. Honestly, seeing the title of the video and the capture encourage me to not even bother listening to his opinion. A drunk guy with a beer in his hand badmouthing Cannabis? ..Really?

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