What do you think of these tattoo ideas?

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  1. I'm pretty set on getting a tattoo soon, on my left forearm im thinking, but anyways what do you think of these 'ideas'? Obviously you may hate them, so just be honest haha

    [​IMG] - on bottom of left wrist

    [​IMG] ((The rat painting a heart)) on bottom of right wrist

    [​IMG] on shoulder/arm

    I'm going to give it a month or two and go back to see if I still want them, cause I always change my mind.
  2. I love the last one.
  3. I mean, I'm a personal believer that tattoos should be more..personal? All the ones I have were actually made by me and the such. If you like the shit though go for it dude.
  4. They are alright but personally i wouldn't put any of those permanently on my body. In 20 years you may not be as much of a fan of your choices. But to each his own/
  5. don't get a tattoo, just to get a tattoo...
  6. I like the last one but you should put a lot more thought into it before you get anything. Have you thought about looking into henna tattoos?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys,

    I agree with getting a tattoo relating to something person, it's something I plan on doing with my other tattoos. And usually I don't care for tattoo's of other peoples work, but I really like banksys art,

    I'll only be getting one of these, not all three by the way, I would want the rest of my future tats to be more meaningful. I guess i'll just think things through for a bit longer :)

    Edit: Nope never thought about those! I remember getting one as a kid. That'd be good actually, they're pretty easy to replicate too
  8. Banksy is the shit.
    I like the rat holding the paint roller.
  9. I think when your getting a tattoo the last thing you should think about it is what people think about it.
  10. They all look really unique and it all depends on what has more meaning to you. I absolutely love Banksy's work and my gf has this one on her side... Just make sure you want it in 20 years. :)


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