What do You Think Of The Blade Above You (Game)

Discussion in 'General' started by Skunky Monkey, Aug 3, 2011.

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    What do you think of the blade above you ?? troll, stoner, funny guy, informative posts.
  2. Troll looking to up his post count :)

    JK hehe, knowledgeable and helpful!
  3. ^^ informative, funny, cool blade :)

  4. Also like your avatar :eek: :p
  5. This guy makes some funny posts, he's good in my book.:cool:

  6. I know this guy he's pretty chill :p
  7. Agreed, Skunky is helarious

  8. I know you from a few threads :p Thanks i'm glad you know me so well :D
  9. skunky monkey!

    that mah new brutha.

    real informative.

    cant appreciate a helpful GC member enough.

  10. He's a pretty cool guy, awesome Sig :D
  11. If skunkymonkey is a girl I would marry her, if it's a him I would gay marry him.:love:

  12. Haha same hunny bun ;) but yeh i'm a guy :p, philoseraptor is a awesome dude :hello: i love his posts there always great.
  13. has a avatar i wanna smoke<-------------:cool:
  14. Ive seen chicken around since i joined, and his thread about bit titties made me fall in love <3
  15. Stonere, funny, for sure.
  16. I think he likes to chill on his roof.
  17. dudes a troll look at his sig
  18. A dude-bro-ski (AKA I don't remember any of their post habits).

    Edit: Ninja'd, but still applies.
  19. I would say is into psychedelics, or possibly has Methamphetamine psychosis.

  20. I don't think i have ever seen any of your posts :confused: but i bet he's da shiznit :p

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