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What do you think of my pipes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flurmy1, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. These are pipes that I found in my basement, since my step dad is a cop and consfiscated them.
    The blue thing is a container to hold your stash, it has a little hole in the bottom to breathe. the white/tan pipe is stone (new), three south park charachters, had kenny and cartman but lost them and right ones hat broke (still functional), and the green red thing is, i have no idea. also not included in the picture is like a metal cigarrette with that is hollow with a dip at the end. im not sure if its for smoking or what. ive never smoked weed. finally getting some dank this weekend. and i have a bong in the base ment but idk how to use a bong lol..

  2. They're a lot more interesting than a regular metal pipe... but they're metal so yeah.. Not really my thing.

  3. whats the best kinda pipe? I wanna get a good one. I like the one their selling on here, the monkey pipe or whatever where its wood and a key chain! that one looks bomb
  4. Cops confiscate things by bringing them home and losing them to step kids?
    I'd just get a glass pipe.. getting one at my local headshop tomorrow, not sure on what I'll bring home :) either a pipe or a bubbler
  5. look at the journey pipe. i think its outta stock on here but google it..
  6. I'd hit the soap stone one XD

    Glass is the way to go if you're looking for a pipe or bong.

  7. yeah lol i guess so. He has the coolest one ever! but he hid it. It looks like a zippo lighter, but when you open it, you pull out a pipe screw it on then boom theirs your pipe. sickest thing ever!
  8. if you've never smoked weed, then how do you know you're getting dank? not trying to sound like a dick, just saying.
    use the stone pipe until you get some glass IMO. the red thing looks like a one hitter maybe. the hollow cigarette is definitely a one hitter. you dip the end part into a pile of weed, then light it and inhale like it's a dart. the south park pipes are cool, but i probably wouldn't hit them a lot just cuz they're metal and pretty tiny looking.
    lol how does your stepdad the cop not notice that you've stolen his confiscated pipes?
  9. metal pipes are harsh as fuck

  10. hes black. lol. and they've been in the basement for ages. and i know my guy, his uncles rich and keeps a stash of dank and only dank he said. plus we supply each other pills whenever we get some. pills are gonna be so bomb with that. some oxycodone or some xanax. fuck yeah
  11. OMG... I think that's my pipe! Your stepdad confiscated my pipe! GIVE IT BACK.

  12. how are they harsh??
  13. i wouldnt mention the unmentionables OP
  14. cool. can't talk about other drugs though, just a heads up.

  15. People say they are but personally I prefer them over glass. I find my hits bigger and smoother.
  16. I don't get the metal hate. I love my metal pipe! Its durable, stealthy, has a good sized bowl, it gets the job done and it doesn't taste bad at all, which is a common complaint about metal pipes.
  17. from personal experience i really see no difference between harshness.. metal just gets hot.. sometimes

  18. I think you are the only one who agrees with me on here.

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