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what do you think of my joints, blades?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tastytrichomes, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. each has about a dime of kush :smoke:

  2. Pretty good!

    8/10. They look like they hve a slight curve. But thats how i rollem too!
  3. Nice :) Pass it bro :smoke:
  4. Nice rolling blade :smoke:
  5. Nice pigtail tips man...:bongin:
  6. good. now stop staring at them and light one up :smoke:
  7. Nice, blaze em' up.
  8. What do I think? I'm thinking give me one.:D:smoking:
  9. Should go on the raising the bar commercial
  10. i think next time you want to post pictures of your joints you should put on some pants!


    but the joint are nice. id smoke em
  11. Those aren't bad. Have you ever seen the tips you can use for the ends? I could hardly cone then i got those and now its so easy and almost every J comes out perfect. But that's also a ton of rolling :) Nice either way!

  12. lmfao
  13. Nice man. I can't roll a j for shit
  14. Nicely rolled :smoke:
    do they have filters? I can't really see em.
  15. no i just save my roaches so its not like im wasting weed :)
  16. 8/10 dude,I would totally buy one from you.I still dont know how to roll joints yet :eek:.
  17. i'll tell you what i think, i think you should send them all to me so i can smoke em
  18. there all pretty good look like mine haha
  19. nice j's man

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