what do you think of my diy cabinet (4ft hight)

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  1. hello guys i'm a new grower who want to try things out
    here is the cabinet i made it's (4' x 1.3' x 1.3') or ( 120 cm x 40cm x 40 cm)
    height left for the plant is around 2' (60cm) without the pot
    i know it's a bit small but that's the room i have :(
    i'm using 6 CFL lamps (2*80w)(2*35w) (1*65w) all 6500k and one 40w UV CFL i'll be using them for veg and flowering
    i'm using 6*PC fans with a air flow from right to left
    it's wrapped in foil
    here's a photo

    temp is around 30-31 c while on and 26 while off
    is the lights i'm using are over kill ?
    is the 5 gallon pot i'm using too big ?is the cabinet too small ?
    i've ordered 4 types of seeds and only one is going in there
    sativa (utopia haze)
    hybrid (kaya 47)
    hybrid (white widow)
    indica (blueberry )
    all fem
    which one should be in there ?
  2. Why so many seeds? Hopefully you don't plant them all in that one pot. 1 plant per pot. The 5 gal. Pot will have that plant bigger than the cabinet can handle.
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  3. it'll be one seed for sure
    but the others are for my brother who got bigger space
    what do you think about the space ?
  4. What I think about the space is make sure you learn and do a whole lot of training to keep it short. You might want to watch how long you let it veg. as well
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  5. as i read that i should veg for 30 cm because it'll be 60 cm on flowering
    but isn't that too small ?

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