What do you think of marriage?

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  1. When you really reflect on it.....

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  2. I'll admit that the process one has to undergo to get married is bullshit.
    Staying true to that one person that brings balance to your life is real though.

    The love that is needed to become maried is real, but the actual act of getting married means absolutley nothing in my eyes.
  3. if its necessary for the individual's survival then it makes sense

  4. True love is unconditional. I hear it's cold and damp under bridges... but hey, I hear some goats are coming along.
  5. Exactly, being bound to a single woman/thing would be paradoxical for me

  6. Like being bound to an ego. Fckin ridiculous!
  7. lol and *sigh* its funny how ppl get pissed off when they feel they've been disrespected

    and for what? hissy fits for no productive end
  8. It's also funny how many assumptions are made by those soon to be banned. Have fun while you're here. :)
  9. Marriage is alright.

    I just think everyone should realize that in the U.S, they generally say "I now pronounce you man and WIFE," and how sexist that is. Just a little tidbit nobody really thinks about :smoke:
  10. correct, political correctness is emphasized inconsistantly
  11. I think you should know that any interested parties can write their own vows, and put it however they want.

    Except, if they are gay, then we must shun them, and pray to Jesus to make them mate more like us.

    I guess marriage is just another right for child molesters disguised as religious zealots to with hold from the hell bound infidels of this failed life.

    How ridiculous is that?
  12. Anyone here married?
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    Marriage, as a state between two people. is one thing, and marriage as a legal institution is another.

    I hope to one day find someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, in a state of marriage between us.

    As a legal institution, its overly-legislated (how can you legislate love?) and constricting.

    I could see the "drive" to become legally married, kind of a solidifying step along with the right to do various things like visit your spouse in the hospital, taxes, etc., but the "real" part of a marriage is the love between two people.

    And, because it will inevitably turn to the gay-marriage issue, I think that no one should be barred from being with someone they love. The state can't (and shouldn't) force the church to recognize or preform a marriage they don't want to, but the state should remain neutral in the issue, and allow anyone who truly loves a special person to do what they want. One, why would you want to take away happiness from someone? Two, what right do you have to tell people what they should or should not do when it has no affect on you? Three, even if the government (and churches, etc.) don't recognize a "marriage" legally (or otherwise), theres nothing stopping these people from being with the one they love, as if they were legally married. They know how they feel, theres nothing stopping them from feeling that. But--one of the main things pointed out in the debates--theres the issue of hospital visits (and other legal paper/document/tax/etc related issues), and the person someone is closest to not being able to visit them, there should be another way...I don't know much about the legal system, but things like power-of-attorney and other things like that that gives decision-making rights to another person in the event of your incapacitation, should have some kind of affect on the visiting rights, hell they might, but I don't know the ins and outs of the American (or other) legal systems...

    In closing (ha ha), marriage is first about love, a "personal institution" between two people (or more), much more than it is a legal institution in conjunction with the state. Its almost blasphemous to think of something like love being regulated and controlled...
  14. recently ive been thinking its pretty stupid actually......just another social standard we're taught to meet which makes those who dont do it feel incomplete

    although i kinda like the idea, i kinda hate it.
  15. "Our lack of compassion stems from our inability to see deeply into the nature of things"
    - Lama Surya Das

    There's nothing sacred about marriage it deals more with possession than anything. If you think about it the idea of marriage started with a some guy wanting to show other men that the woman he's with is his, so he put a ring on her finger. thus starting a trend leading to society painting a picture that marriage has to be some sort of inevitability. There's a reason why the divorce rate is so high people look at marriage as a way to mend conflict rather than a yearning to sustain the positive aspects of the relationship.

    Marriage is bullshit.
  16. I can't see myself marrying, I'm rather anti-marriage.
  17. Interesting replies and voting stats, appreciate it. :)
  18. I was married for five years, and they were the happiest of my life. When they weren't the most painful or miserable. No, the good far outweighed the bad. But it's got to be the right match. Gotta respect couples whom have been married 50, 60 years. That's fucking awesome, I want that.
  19. My official opinion on marriage is this:


    It brings nothing but problems, IMO.

  20. So do I. As much we (me and my fiancée) want it, is as well as the marriage will do. But personally, marriage is a personal spiritual moment, not a legislative "privilege". Money has not part in marriage imho.

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