What do you think is an ideal weight goal for my height?

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  1. I'm a skinny guy, 5'7" probably no more than 5 percent body fat and I've been hitting the weights for a couple months now.
    I was 115 before I started and I just recently hit 130. My diet is pretty consistent, I take in protein equal to my weight, and I lift about 3 times a week(thinking about upping that to 4-5 times once school starts).
    What do you think is an ideal range for that 'ripped/athletic' look?
    I want to look bigger, but not to the point where I look like a monster with my shirt off cause it wouldn't go well with my face(I look young).

  2. Three days a week should be enough. Upping it to 4 or 5 wouldn't allow your muscles enough time to recover. I'd say your goal should be 140-155. All that weight gain should be muscle.
  3. Dude I really doubt you're 5% BF...but I could be wrong.

    That's really low. Like bodybuilding competition low.
  4. Haha, probably not..I'm guessing somewhere between 8-10 maybe?
    I wear size 29 but it's somewhat loose without a belt, whereas 28's a tad tight.
  5. I mean, I used to be overweight, and no Im about 10% BF, and Im trying to bulk up now.

    Id suggest eating a little more, and lifting more often than cardio. (which is what Im trying to do).

    Maybe after Christmas Ill 'cut' again.

    It's up to you, but you're thin. May as well try to build muscle right?

    You have to eat big to get big.
  6. Haha, I am trying to build muscle. I'm not concerned about cutting.
    I get good calories and take in protein equal to my weight.
    Question on my mind...on non-work-out days, do you have to take in protein and calorie equal to those on work-out days, or is there more leeway to eat less and still gain? And is the ideal intake EQUAL to pounds or more?
  7. Im assuming you're asking about protein intake?

    I mean, you certainly don't need more protein than g/lb of bodyweight. A lot of days I don't get quite that much.

    And Id say just eat the same on workout days and non workout days.

    It comes down to an average over a period of time IMO.
  8. Man I'm 5 8 and my weight is 175. And I try to burn like 400 calories to loose weight.

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  9. I need to consume protein dont cut it, cut ur carbs on non workout days to like 3/4 of what you would eat.

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