What do you think Heaven will be like?

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  1. When you picture heaven, what do you think of? Do you think family and old friends will greet you? Do you think you will go back to a happier time in your life? Or do you think of just a huge cloud city?
  2. Nonexitent
  3. i picture it as an exact replica of juggalo island. just remember, god loves us all.
  4. yea...family and old friends will greet you.:rolleyes:
    and santa clause, the easter bunny, and tooth fairy are real.
  5. my heaven will be an island where weed grows eveyrwhere, my hell will also be like this so no matter where i go its all good, smoke some blunts with god, hit the bong with jesus, what more can u ask for, maybe even smoke with the devil hes invited to its just one big party
  6. dude i dunno about the easter bunny but im pretty sure that santa claus and the toothy fairy arent real :(
  7. Have a "near death experience" and find out....
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  9. Um yeah we cant talk about other drugs anymore on GC....
  10. oops..didnt know thanks.
  11. I'm super high bare with me on this one: :smoke:

    I think of nothing. Because the way I look at it, as nonexistant, why should we live for something that won't come, when we should just be enjoying this life.

    amiriteorhwut? :smoke:
  12. i cant tell if youre a juggalo or if you are making fun of me.
  13. Heaven doesn't exist so...

  14. I don't belive in afterlife, only legacy.

  15. LMAO at that picture of Heaven man! That would be one sweet Heaven!

    When I think of Heaven, I personally get depressed. I mean, why in the holy hell would I want to die, go to some alternate dimension and live for eternity worshiping a being that is simply "better than me"? When I die, I want it to be game over and nothing more. You know, like when you turn off a video game and the characters in it go into oblivion... that's what I want from death. Just give me a damn break from everything.
  16. For me heaven is a bonfire at a lake house. God, Jesus, and all my friends and relatives are there. Everyone is smoking, drinking, or doing whatever they please and just having a good time. It is awesome.
  17. fucking righteous. ^^ my heaven, that's me after i die ^_^
  18. I'd really like to believe it exists...but I doubt it
  19. Heaven and hell are just religious hangovers from when the catholic church was trying to rake in money from the poor peasants.

    Oh wait, they're still doing that.

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