what do you think happens when you die?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 420420420, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. :confused:

    I don't believe in an after life, I think our brains shut off, and we just become worm food..

    what about you?
  2. nothing. i belive when we die, we die and thats it.
  3. Yup, i think when we die, we die.
  4. We become search buttons, so the rest here doesn't have to start the same thread over and over again...
  5. for some reason I imagine myself as a skeleton when I'm dead.
    just dead there like a skeleton.
  6. I HOPE there is an afterlife or SOMETHING.....but i am skeptical of one

    ...still searching for what i believe
  7. My hope: when you die your "soul" leaves your body , from there on out its your choice. Everyeon who has ever died is now in your realm. You can travel to the vast distances or the universe seeing how other societies and worlds work. You are able to visit any place/time you wish. Wanna know who shot jfk? hit rewind and you got it. When you die you are being released into the persuit of knowlege, and lets not forget......the dankest nuggests this side of the milky way.
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  8. The illusion that you're somehow a seperate entity from the rest of the universe ends.
  9. Judging by the rest of the comments here im about to get jumped, but i think believing in a god, any god, is great. just to be fully convinced that everything happens for a reason and no matter how hectic things seem to be someone up there has it all under control.
  10. Careful, you will get jumped. I think it takes a lot of inner strength to have faith. I believe in an afterlife. I think that just because humans haven't discovered a way to prove it doesn't make it not exist. There was barometric pressure 300 years ago, but we couldn't detect it or measure it, it still was there. People have become too self-righteous and cocky. Don't frag me, folks, I am allowed my opion. People, for the most part have become way too selfrighteous and cocky. just my $.02

  11. I believe the soul becomes released, and waits for the chance to enter a new body. When I think of a soul though, I do not think that my soul will have my memories, conscienceness, and whatnot, because that is tied to my brain, whichi is left behind with the rest of the body when the soul leaves. It's my belief that the soul is the blueprints for the mind to follow, sort of a rough personality guideline with plenty of room for infinate variation. I think that the goal of our conscienceness, our breif life, is to somehow impart a piece of ourself onto the soul for it to be passed on to the next mind that the soul occupying you goes to once you die, even if the soul doesn't find another body for many many years. Ties in with the whole reincarnation idea.

    I don't know what it's like for a soul, with no body, but I'd imagine that it's not an existance that is yearned for by the souls, which is why we fear death, and why every animals base instincts is to grow and multiply, multiply so that there are more vessels for souls to enter and leave behind whatever it is their existance is without a body, even if only for a bit of time.

    So yes, I do believe the conscienceness that we have disappears when we die, but our soul lives on, and that we can impart at least part of us onto the soul, changing it, and making it "ours", even if only a tiny sliver.

  12. This man speaks the truth. It's a hell of a lot easier being a cynical skeptic rather then a faithful follower.
  13. I think our conciousness ceases and we return to a state of existence identical to that before our conception.

    We are not aware, not existant.

    Or maybe that's just what i wish will happen.
  14. i just hope theres no hell and a nice long sleep
  15. I believe that our souls go back to heaven or hell those who go to heaven can choose wat they wanna do chill in heaven smoke weed all day travel the universe basically free will then get tired of all dat and wait in line to get reincarnated but those in hell have no free will satan chooses wat they will do like die for 1 million years then reincarnate them in a violent animal or person wat a bastard
  16. Some dont need to die to get passed that illusion.
  17. Yep, believe there is something else after death... When i smoke, i can feel it, it ain't what i am thinking, it ain't what i am physically feeling, it's something out there!!!! Let me say it this way, i get this feeling of dejavu when i stone, it's as though the life i live now, i have live it before, just like the road i walk i have walk it before. When i am sober, i forget what i remembered, when i puff, i remember a memory that had happen before, a memory which one might say "the life before we came to this world". If we have lived this life we live in now before, then how many times have we lived this life??? If time seems like moving forward to us, 1970 goes to 2006, then what if time in another dimension moves backwards, 2006 to 1970. Then time is of another dimension and doesn't move in any straight path. If life after death is of the astral plane, then we are already dead a long time ago, and our soul is just living our lifes again, just to experience it all once more, moving back in time. If someone was to die 60 years later, and time is not an entity in the astral plane where his soul moved on to, he could go back in time to his life when he was alive, and live it all again.
  18. Faith is a convinction that a particular belief you hold is true, despite the evidence, despite probability, despite rationality and logic.

    Does it take a lot of inner strength to believe in unicorns, dragons, gods? Strength of delusion yes. Strength of intelligence and consistantly applying rationality? no.

    What takes strength is breaking free from irrational beliefs which you were indoctrinated too.

    Someone who believes in invisible non-observable unicorns doesn't need inner strength, they need inner conviction, strength of conviction ect.

    No one who fails to objectively assess and evaluate evidence has strength of character concerning mental advancement or intelligence.
  19. I know I've said this before somewhere but Einstien said that energy never stops. We know our bodies contain and produce energy so if energy never stops then somehow we continue on.

  20. Exactly... i like this analogy on our "souls", so when a fan is on slow, we can see it very easily, when the fan is turned on high we cant see it any longer. That doesnt mean its not there, just its moving too quick for us to see. this was attached to a theory that our spirits energy is moving vrey fast and such. if that didnt make sense pm me tomorrow if you really care

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