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Discussion in 'General' started by ledfut, May 27, 2006.

  1. sunday i'm supposed to hang out with this chick. however on teusday when i asked if we were still hainging out on saturday she said 'uhhh how about sunday instead'

    i was cool with that but on one of her surveys which she bulletined (myspace) she put this: 23. Tomorrow I will: be seeing a cutie ;-)

    so naturally i'm not to thrilled about this considering i talked with her about this saturday for the better part of a week and a half. think i should just say fuck it and cancel? i mean, it's one thing to get bumped, but it's another when you get bumped for another guy.

  2. Man, don't let a chick pull that shit. Either you make the plans with her, or fuck it all together. Women are too fickle for the most part.
  3. I dont know why you men are afraid to talking to us women...

    TALK TO HER.. it may be a misunderstanding. A cutie could be a friend of hers... or a little kid... I call my friends cuties all the time.

    Dont always jump to conclusions.... Communication is important.

    And if it is another guy.. there are other fish in the sea.
  4. either way the fact remains that i got bumped. not acceptable imo. either i'm cancelling or i'm not. no discussion.
  5. Bro you need to learn the game.

    First off confidence is like 95% of what you need. Be confident to walk up to her, Talk to her, Be around her, Everything about her be confident about but not cocky.

    Then jus know how to keep a conversation with her.

    So do that with her, Ask what happened ya know why this happen, Be like you think its kinda weird how it turned out or w/e but be confident and relaxed abotu it, Dont come off confronataional. See what she says. If its good then keep going. If she blew you off jus stop then and there with her and move on.
  6. you can't really expect exclucivity (is that a word?) from a girl you've never even met.
  7. be a man, tell her how you REALLY feel.. you will feel better, and maybe something good will come from it, if not then it wasnt meant to be?
  8. Dude I have so much experience with girls, just talk to her. Ask her whats up with that? And if it is another guy just be like "Well I don't want to get in the way so just cancel our sunday plans". Don't be an ass about it though, if you do you'll ruin your chances, just be a gentleman and don't be afraid to talk to her.
  9. I agree with allll the posts that say you should be confident. ITS THE TRUTH! You will get farther if you have patience and faith in yourself. But i ask this, what is this kid suppsoed to ask her? "Hey, you ditch me for some other guy yesturday?" Yeah, like she's gonna tell the truth...
  10. fuck stupid bitches
  11. Yeah I know but the fact that she is actually seeing another guy. How do I know? Because I've seen it all =|
  12. i have met the girl before. it's not about exclusiveness. it's about the fact that i got bumped. i could see if she had plans already and said how about sunday. however i had planned the saturday with her 10 days in advance.

    romain's post is exactly why i'm not going to ask her about it.

    i've slept on it and i think i'm going to see her on sunday. mostly because i have nothing better to do. i'll be able to tell then what's up with her by listening to her words and watching her actions.
  13. update: i was right, she bumped me for another dude. she says we could never be because i'm not a christian. so i told her i couldn't hang out with her knowing that she doen't feel about me the same way as i do about her. i got other bitches to fuck with. i don't need to be wasting my time with that shit.
  14. Imagine how akward things are going to be at the sandbox now.

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