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What do you think about...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Patag, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. smoking a joint every evening ?

    Lately I've been smoking every or almost every evening. Do you think it can be harmful for my intellectual / work life ? I don't think it's affecting me at all, but just curious, I would like to listen to other people, and if it's possible to keep this up and notice no change during my normal life.
  2. Nothing wrong with that, it's not going to make you stupid.
  3. Weed only messes you up if you let it.

    Mind over matter my friend.
  4. i find sometimes i cant remember things as well, but if i take a day or two off im right back to normal. but i also feal alot happier overall with life in generial because of this magical plant, so i would say the positive deffinatly outweighs the negative for me personally.
  5. nah man it wont make ya stupid lol

    but when i was younger i enjoyed doing crosswords and wordsearches whilst high and it keeps ya mind working. but the downside is they take a lil longer to finish lol but your safe lol

    i blazed alot through college and passed better then expected but i did have this same fear myself lol so your not alone.
  6. Its up to you but in my personal experience after getting high multiple times every day for years my memory is not what it used to be and im not gonna say it will make you stupid but it definitely won't make you smarter. And be careful because it definitely starts to become habit forming if you start smoking before bed every night and when you don't have weed sleeping is a bitch
  7. You sound like a pretty responsible person so I think u can handle a night toke. Sounds like u go to work and get all ur stuff done then light up and relax, even though I don't support back to back toking days u should be fine

    The reason people who smoke everyday all day r stupid, is not because pot makes u stupid its because 80% they do that then just sit around watching mtv raps and playing gta lol. Not learning a new hobbie or learning to fix a carborator or something active/educational

  8. Thats pretty ignorant and assuming of people in general.

    I smoke everyday all day and I am a patient. I am currently a junior in college and I have gotten all A's every single year.

    thanks asshole:hello:
  9. Wooo heavy nuts, frist let me say congrats on college and grads gl to you

    But I mean 80% of the people who do it r dumb, rough number

    But your telling me you don't know of any stoners who smoke all day everyday and r Pretty much useles ( I know I do) if not congradulations with surrounding urself only with progresive people intelegent people

  10. I do know people like that but I dont believe that its because of how often they smoke. They are just plain lazy or whatever their personal reason is, but I dont buy that weed causes it.

    Happy Tokin'
  11. I will give u that to end argument/discusion.

    People who are already lazy will be lazy regardless of any drug they use.

    My reasoning is u proabably smoke u and study or read ur books for class a person who just smokes then does nothing is losing valiable educational time

    But yes the same can be said for someone who is sober and then proceeds to just sit around.

    Toke on.

  12. Agreed!:hello: haha i see your side as well.

    Happy tokin; bro :wave::smoke:

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