What do you think about when you think back on High School?

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  1. I was just curious about what some of the members who are out of high school and/or have been for years, what they think about high school when they look back on it? Do you still remain in contact with old high school friends? what about your old relationships? How did the short period of your life that you spend at the school shape you?

    I'm getting out very soon and i'm kinda starting to worry, i kinda like going to high school and know that college will be awesome but i hate moving, i've done it several times and it really sucks to leave the people you get attached to. I feel like i'll become a hermit considering i dont have alot of hobbies and i'm still not sure what i want to do with my life and in all honesty, its depressing and its got me stressin.

    But anyways, i'm very interested on hearing some opinions about the topic :)
  2. I'm leaving my high school too. What I remember is smoking too much every day, being high too many times, drinking in parks, friends, and getting into trouble. Just not really giving a fuck I guess
  3. Some of my best memories are getting high and going to watch sports teams. I literally went to every game/meet/match I could, purely as an excuse to toke on the way there.
  4. I absolutely hated high school at the time, I skipped hundreds of classes my senior year alone, but as cliche as it is I actually did end up missing it. I think of all the good times and bad times but even the bad times don't seem so bad from this distance...
  5. hated it then, hate it now
  6. Graduated last year. Although I do really miss the competitiveness of gym class and even some of the bullshit that goes on in high school, I feel like I have grown so much that I would not like it over my life right now. I had my ups and downs in it, hung around with some of the 'cool' people then realized most of them were not my type, but overall good times.

    I'm just glad through the whole experience it shaped me into the open minded, positive person I am and try to be today:D
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    High school was alright. Glad its over, and now when I drive by any school I just think to myself "that's a jail". 10 foot fences all around, bunch of yard supervisors / administration, and of course a couple of cops on campus. I do sometimes think about some of the teachers I had. Funny people. No clue how they got into a teaching position.

    For those of you who say you miss high school and prefer it to work -

    I would rather get paid to sit at a desk for 8 hours, with an hour of freedom for lunch, rather than not get paid for 8 hours of boring hell at a desk and only a 30 minute caged-in lunch. You kidding?

    But needless to say, I'd rather sit on my ass and do nothing and get shipped my weekly necessities every Monday. :D
  8. Are you sure it wasnt a jail lol? Are a lot of school like this in USA?
  9. When I think back on high school I just remember getting in trouble a lot. I went to 4 different high schools because I kept getting kicked out. I met a lot of crazy people in those years too. I smoked weed every day, didnt drink or do any other drugs really. In my senior year I got my shit straight and actually graduated early and shocked everyone. I remember being single all those years because I wasnt into all that high school bullshit that those little chicks were into, but I got plenty of ass.
  10. I think about how much more sex I could've had:rolleyes:
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    In my city, yeah. but I can imagine it being this way for any city that has a decent population
  12. my sophomore year skipping school all day from september 20th until expulsion in mid november....great times, huge mistakes.
  13. house parties, smoking with the homies, lots of beer pong, high at school, max's basement, football/basketball games n stuff

    Just getting really drunk and having a general disregard for the law.
  14. haha highschool... i was the guy who was ALWAYS high. i would toke before school, during my lunch, right after, and a ton at home. i thought things would always be that way. now im content smoking like every week or two. i was definitely more daring back then. smoking in my car at school, smoking in parks in broad daylight, and smoking/ leaving shit out in my room. im surprised i was never caught.
  15. This is pretty apropos right now for me; I just graduated (Thursday) from school with my Bachelors. I'd never really thought I'd make it this far; rather, I'd never really thought about it and all of a sudden, it's upon me. So, of course, there's been some reflection.

    High School was a good time; I had some issues with school, mainly, I almost never attended class. I had nothing better to do, but I'd usually just surf the internet or in my later years, drive home and play Everquest. But I had fun at the time. A lot of fun, actually. But would I trade my life now for it? Hell no. Life is great right now; I don't really know how I'm going to pay my bills in a few months--hopefully someone will respond to my goddamn resume--but I wouldn't have it any other way (okay, a bit more money would be nice.) Life right now is pretty fucking perfect.
  16. Now that im in college high school kids are pretty annoying. But hey I used to be those kids lol. I dunno how I managed not to drop out, I hardly ever went, looking back on it high school sucked ass, once your in college you'll think damn high school sucked.

    You'll run into some people you went to school with here and there maybe have them in a class once in a while. Its pretty cool sometimes, ill run into someone I graduated with in my class but never really spoke to them in high school, and then we'll talk because even though we weren't good friends we still walked together at graduation and we have that in common you know?

    Once you get into later years of college you'll then start to see the route people who you graduated with have chosen like if they have gone on to college, or are working at jack in box or have moved away. I still talk to my highschool best friends to this day!
  17. my high school experience feels like it never happened its like a big black hole within my mind :(

  18. and this!!
  19. Bunch of pretentious idiots. Good riddance.
  20. Its called HIGH school for a damn reason. I got 7 days left in hell :(

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