What Do You Think About Under-Water Civilization

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by crash3, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I was thinking what if we found a way to make civilization under-water. I mean what percent of the earth is covered by water, why the fuck do we not live there haha. Would that resolve the pollution problems and how we are just burning the candle down to the wick (our ozone) and would humans eventually start to evolve to live under-water Civilization (im talkin like centuries) we could be like some sort of underwater seahorse species haha

  2. cause its hella risky and we dont have the technology available to do so...yet.
  3. riiiiight. We drink it, wash in it, dam it,flush it,clean it, swim in it, sail in it, float in it, cry it, see through it, build bridges of steel over it, fish in it, smoke through it, we do fucking everything else that you could possibly think of with the stuff, why cant we survive in it... i bet we could genetically alter our lungs and create some new sort of human/dolphin hybrid with wings of a teradactyle so we can fly off earth and into space and create some sort of
    Asexual octadolphinacornatrice that can fly in space and communicate with brain waves and can survive off space

    what a trip
  4. [​IMG]
  5. lmfao that picture just sent me into a laughing trip +rep
  6. I think it could work, but it might turn out like the game Bioshock...

  7. Damn dude that's some way out shit. If you're being serious, you're way the fuck off, and you probably need some meds. Octodolphincornatrice?

    Yeah we do need it to survive, put bridges over it, all that shit, but that hardly correlates with what you're talking about. I don't think us gradually evolving into fish would be any good, we'd be evolving backwards, and we wouldn't be on land to grow our plant either.

    Unless we could build huge cities underwater, I'd be put off by the idea of underwater dwellings. I have to get out of the city and hike and shit to stay sane anyway, so I'd eventually get tired with even a full city.

    Terrestrial civilization for the win.
  8. lol thats exactly what I was thinking of.
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    Oh shit, I think your on to something, kinda scratching a surface. I have a vision, we could somehow filter the oxygen down under. Ok i already have the layout in my mind. Its some sort of underground dome that is element-proof and leak-proof. there are two large chimneys with very high powered fans for oxygen circulation. Each chimney is on opposite sides of the dome and of course are tall enough to hover above water. Also this is going to have to be designed offshore and brought in with a few dozen helicopters and placed below sea. lmao :D

    p.s. we're going to be one pale ass fucking society!
  10. uh wow. the ideas in this thread are absurd. Why would you want to live underwater and we arent even CLOSE to having the kind of technology it would take to make our lungs able to breathe underwater.
  11. yeah i dont think so.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I couldn't handle the pressure! yikes

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