What do you think about this new approach?

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  1. Hi!

    I am still trying to reach the 1 gpw mark and I have been thinking about a new approach regarding my grow and would like to hear your thoughts..

    12 plants
    7 liter pots with pure coco
    1 600w HPS/ Adjust a wing reflector

    I have the plants in a 3*4 pattern as the reflector puts out a rectangular footprint.

    I plan to veg them for about more or less 4 weeks from rooted clone, and flip them once they are between 30-40 cm tall.

    The strain is Critical + 2.0 from dinafem. So it's their highest yielding strain.

    Would this be a good strategy?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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  2. Way too many plants for one 600 watt light. We flower under 1000 watt hps lights...air cooled and all that, but the maximum I can get good development and growth from under one light is a maximum of 6 plants. If you crowd out what light you have it's like shooting yourself in the foot as far as yield goes. The specs on these bulbs put out by the manufacturer claim that they'll cover a lot more area than they actually do...and get maximum benefit from the light. The size and density of your buds is directly related to the amount of good light they get during flower. We used to flower with 2 1000 watt hps lights. When we added the other two, our plants (and buds) went crazy and doubled or tripled in size. The density of the buds is insane compared to what they looked like with only 2 lights. So, more light equal more bud and you can harvest more off less plants that are healthy and get all they need than you can from putting too many under the light thinking more yields more. You're only going to get light penetration for about 8-10 inches below the canopy in the best of conditions unless you supplement the plants with side lighting, so when you crowd them up like that, you really get no development below the canopy at all. Good luck. Hope this helps. TWW
  3. @The Widow White

    Thanks for the quick answer! , so you would suggest that I go with 6 plants flowered at the same size or to grow them a bit bigger?


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