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    Last saturday, my friend told me to meet at his girlsfriends house, to have some drinks and smoke. I was going to go with my gf, but she wasnt able to go, so I went with a friend who is also a common friend.
    So I had to make some calls to find some weed. I managed to call this dealer which wasnt my main option but he always has good to Dank stuff. I scored some good weed (although I have gotten better weed from him in the past) it was still fucking good weed.
    I arrived to the reunion and we rolled a blunt. Everyone started smoking and this girl (my best friends girl) starts saying "this weed is fake bah", so I didnt care at first, because I know shes just a ocassional smoker.
    But after some minutes, she just couldnt stop saying the same shit. "This weed is fake, damn what a dissapoinment" and the hilarous thing was, she was clearly high, euphoric, stumbling around the room and talking loud.
    It was annoying and by this point, I just wanted to continue drinking and smoking and maintain to a minimum any conversation with her.
    After some time, she kinda started telling me "are you ok?", and I always chill and respectful but also gave short answers. However, she started asking me a lot of questions in front of everyone, like she was trying to know me but the only thing she did was making me feeling uncomfortable in front of some of her friends I didnt know. She insisted one time after another to talk with me, like, I was talking to my friend and she kinda interrupted to ask me questions about what I was talking. On top of that, she started saying shit like whenever I  say something like "Oh! I like how he talks, I like this guy!", "Oh youre very interesting" FUCK IT WAS ANNOYING, I hate when people start saying shit like that just to "fix" things, its like, wtf are you trying to buy me with that? do you think im fucking stupid?
    At the end, she also invited me to dinner with her and my friend, I said ok, but she INSISTIED "really?", "no, but really, will you come to dinner with us?" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
    Any of you know people like this?

  2. I'm usually a blatant bastard to girls like that.
    I don't care at all about being their friend and pretending to :smoking:
  3. Don Draper that vapid hoesent from underneath my balls
  4. Why didn't you pull her aside and have a little "social intercourse" with her. Sometimes when you dig a little deeper under the surface you might find where and why their interests in you are there...Sounds like she did want to know more about you, why pass an opportunity to look inside peoples heads...
    Many times the perceptions we lock onto without exploration beyond our first impressions can waste opportunities that can create positive growth/rewards...
    Hey, who knows? It sounds like she got off on the wrong footing, but underneath she might just be a wonderful soul...
    Or is it because she just wasn't attractive enough for your taste/standards?

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