What do you think about Minimum Wage going up?

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  1. One issue is that everyone wants a clean, mostly indoors job. These are harder to get while landscapers, groundskeepers, farms are hiring and you get a free workout while being outside. In the summer, I work in the parks and it is way better than kissing tourist behind at some customer service job.

    There is a huge stigma against dirty jobs, the trades and building or repairing things. People want to be inside on computers all day making content and that's not healthy [all of the time]. We are lacking skilled workers and won't have enough to replace- local guys closing or turning away work because they cannot keep up.
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  2. That's the thing, it's not that there aren't jobs out there. Many contractors are literally desperate for good workers and like you said, have to turn away work because they just don't have the manpower for it. But many people would rather sit back and collect unemployment or work an easier service job even if it means less money for them.
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  3. LOL if I was working for minimum wage I’d be homeless. I make well above that and I’m barely making it lol the struggle is really.

    Sent from somewhere in Canada.
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  4. Minimum wage goes up, the price of everything goes up accordingly. The worker that loses out the most is the worker that is currently making above minimum wage and doesn't get the same increase.
  5. Canada is crazy. It is cheaper to work all summer, save and then winter in Thailand or somewhere where a dollar goes further. Small towns often have such poor public transporation that one needs a car, or at least a durable bike
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    What do I think about minimum wage going up.

    It’s a joke.....

    always has been always will be.

    The consistent rise of everything make min wage worthless

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