What do you think about Minimum Wage going up?

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  1. Here in Ontario, Canada, our Premiere (the person in charge of the province basically) has decided to introduce a structure where minimum wage goes up approximately 33% over a 1-2 year term. It jumped from $11.60 to $14 on January 1st, 2018 and is expected to hit $15 on January 1st, 2019. Anyways it's pretty contoversial here:

    Not sure how many of you can relate (depends if they have minimum wage debates where your from) but what are your thoughts on an UNPRECEDENTED minimum wage raise?
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  2. Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage should be around 20 bucks
    The Minimum Wage Is Stuck at $7.25; It Should Be $21.16 -- or Higher

    Also, cost of living, education, food, everything has gone up thousands while wages remain low. Those at the bottom of the totem pole do all of the work, get none of the pay, pay all of the taxes.

    "The poor are there to scare the shit out of the lower classes. Keep them turning up at those jobs" George Carlin
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  3. Lol 100% false, amazing that anyone can think that. If you're at minimum wage you pay zero net taxes. People at minimum wage do not do all the work, that's ludicrous, the vast majority of people make more than minimum wage because they are more productive. If your work is actually valuable you don't need a law forcing someone to pay you a certain wage, an employer will voluntarily pay you more because you produce more value than that.

    The argument that "well based on worker productivity the minimum wage should be 20 bucks an hour" is also retarded. Yes a dishwasher today is much more productive than a dishwasher was in 1960, for example. Why is that? Well mainly because technological advances like commercial size dish washing machines have made jobs like that much easier. But the guy that owns the restaurant is the one buying and maintaining that machine, so why on Earth should he also be expected to pay the guy working it 3 times more money on top of that?

    The mindset that your government can or should legislate people out of poverty is what keeps people in poverty.
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  4. You missed the point of what I said- wages have had stagnant growth while the cost of everything has gone up exponentially- especially the things needed to get a job that pays more than minimum wage like college, certification or training. It keeps people from accessing the very things they need in order to try and better themselves or escape poverty.

    The term minimum wage means the smallest wage or paycheck someone could live on and survive. They have a place to stay, food, and can keep the heat and light going.

    Here minimum wage is $10 dollars an hour- in a 35 work week that's $350 a week or $1400 a month before taxes. Taxes, EI, etc. would bring it to around $1000 a month. Now let's look at expenses:

    Studio apt rent: $1200 a month, utilities included (if they are not included add another 200+ per month)
    Bus pass: $100 a month
    Groceries: $200-500 a month depending on eating habits / physical job

    So a total of $1600 and that's only rent, food, and a bus pass. Basically just trying to survive. Damn, that's $600 dollars under what minimum wage pays. So it's not truly livable on, unless one moves to a small town (where jobs are even more scarce and pay less).
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  5. I don't know what industries you have worked in, but can tell you from experience that the further up on the totem pole is- the more pay and less responsibilities they have. The people at the very bottom get the least pay and do the most work. One step above them is management, who usually are highly inefficient and their job(other than keeping their positions secure) is to try and catch someone screwing up so they can fire them. Above management are the guys making huge paychecks while leaving early to go golf and basically growing rich off of others work(those mentioned earlier at the bottom).

    It's been this way since medieval times when starving peasants grew food and gave it to the fattened king. They didn't even have rent back then, peasants were given land in order to grow food on and had to give their contributions in order to keep it. We're all in this together, if you want to argue "who's worse off" it's just a waste of time. Divide and conquer is the name of the technique and it has been working effectively to this day.
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  6. Lol you're really comparing modern economies to feudalism? Actually even in feudal times it's incorrect to say there was no rent back then, tenant farming was widespread. Either way though, comparing their living standards to the "poor" of a developed country is ridiculous. I would rather make minimum wage today than be a king in medieval times, my living standards would be much better.

    Working a minimum wage job is not hard at all, they do not do the most work. There is no responsibility, you don't need to manage or organize much of anything, and when you clock out you can forget about work. With higher management positions it's the exact opposite. I wouldn't want to be a CEO, the performance of the company is your problem 24/7 and most work huge hours. As pay goes up responsibility goes up, not the opposite.

    It's funny how people complain about cost of living going up but still advocate jacking up the cost of unskilled labor. It's like they don't realize that causes cost of living increases. Not to mention the fact that most people working minimum wage aren't actually poor because that's not their only source of income. The number one reason for poverty is unemployment, a problem which minimum wage laws aggravate rather than alleviate.

    It's just shit economic policy, it does not actually help the poor.
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  7. 15$ minimum wage? Lucky bastards I'm working for 9€/hour and am 50 cents above minimum wage.
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  8. It's not $15 yet but it will be in January. Also this is CAD so I assume your talking British Euros?
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  9. 9 euros is 14 Canadian bucks an hour, so that's about 5 dollars more an hour than us.
    However our housing prices are insane (over a million for a small house) due to our government selling out to foreign investors. People who were born here, raised families are being priced out and forced to leave neighbourhoods. Foreign investors don't even live in the properties, they sit on them for a year and then sell them.
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  10. The euro is worth that much good to know.
    Housing is a pain here too I have to live in the last part of the city almost in the next county.
    Getting a license is really bad here it easily costs 2000 bucks and you lose it once they drug test you
  11. Raising minimum wage will do nothing to solve the problem of our shoddy lack-luster currency. Look at how many minimum wage raises Venezuela had, and yet the entire nation is starving as a whole nearly. When there is no profit or anything substantial to back up the dollar, they will compensate for the higher wages by working with fewer staff on fewer hours, less full time insured workers, automating more of the process if possible, anyway they can to make up for the added cost of paying a burger flipper more than nurses, EMTs, and firefighters.

    Minimum wage jobs are for unskilled labor with the least amount of responsibility.

    You're complaining about being fucked in the arse by landlords, welcome to the rest of the world for the rest of time. Get a mortgage, renting for anything other than short term is a horrible investment.
  12. I think one thing that ppl over look is when min wage goes up everything buy goes up because the cost of labor is passed on to the consumer keep pushing for it dumbasses ya still won’t b able to afford shit
  13. man I got to crunch some numbers but I think I get paid less then what I did before the wage increase

    for me working 32hrs per pay period before I was getting 480 bucks. coming out to 120/shift
    my most recent pay I worked 5 shiftsand banked 688 coming out to 137.60/shift.

    so 17.60 divided by 8= 2.20 increase in take home per hour, but one thing I have to ask my maneger is if the overnight premium carried over. which I think it has cuase they raised the wages by 2.40/hour so .20 cents lossed to taxes till I claim I'm a student.... I got 4yrs of taxes to do and I worked for atleast 3 of them as a student..

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    Why not raise that shit to $100/ an hour? Bernie would agree.......Oh the left cares about THE people. Yeah they want votes and power, and the best way to do that is to trick the people into thinking you fight for them. The left never understands unintended consequences.

    Minimum wage laws cost people jobs and reduce hours......ie pay cut.

    Consumer pay higher prices, OR THEY WONT.... and business shutter and jobs disappear. Why would anyone listen to someone on the left regarding the economy?

    Entry level jobs will not be worth hiring on and valuable training will never be had.
  15. Yep, that's what it's like where I live. Everyone gets on that "think global, do business local" kick but the local businesses suck. They only offer part-time work and if minimum wage was raised to the magical $15 per hour, they would cut hours from 20 a week to 10 and be perfectly fine with closing their stores earlier.
  16. Minimum wages are for entry level positions. For those entering the job market for the first time. This is where you're learning how to show up on time without your mommy packing your lunch, follow instruction, learning to tuck in your shirt and handle the tools. No one is expected to buy a house with a 2 car garage and raise a family on minimum wage. It's up to the individual to move past that.
    There are many who make just above minimum wage who are basically in the same boat. Wages are not the problem. Raising wages will not fix the economy.
  17. I have no frame of reference for Canada, but raising minimum wages in the United States is a waste of time. The problem isn't lack of pay, it is lack of wealth. Without a fundamental shift in the economic system, nothing will change regardless of how high the minimum wage rises.
  18. not Gunna get richer when there are to many benefits of keeping us poor

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