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what do you think about math?

Discussion in 'General' started by e_to_the_x, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. 1. I hate math. I only hate it because I don't understand it, and I wish i did. It's always been my worst subject, and I've failed math classes a couple times.
    2. College algebra, passed it last semster :smoke:

    I'm sorry but I would have no idea how to chat about math either :confused_2:
  2. you an engineer?
  3. I've been reading theory of games and economic behavior recently as well. Nothing like the practical implications of math to make it even more exciting!
  4. i am a huge number cruncher. one of my previous jobs was as a game tester and i focused primarily on formulas used and min/maxing. was a sweet gig but the pay didnt match what I needed.

    i dunno how we'd go about chatting about math though. im not THAT deep.
  5. All I really need to know is 1 + 1 = 2.

    If I have 1 chicken, and I steal somebody else's chicken, I'll have two chickens and I'll be a piece of shit for stealing somebody's chicken.
  6. I loved math, and I wished I kept with it, but all I needed to take was Calc II, which I took, but didn't do great in multivariable, so I stopped for not wanting to hurt my gpa.

    To me math is the only pure subject, there's always a discrete answer, no subjectivity whatsoever.
  7. I think it's a horrible drug that ruins lives all over America :mad:

    Oh, math.

    I don't really care for it. I can do it well and I can understand it no problem if I do my homework, but over the final couple years of high school I developed the nasty habit of not doing my homework and skating by with a C.
    I'm still working on fixing that. :/ haha.
  8. I'm a physics major, so I'll be taking math until I graduate, but only the math courses that I have to.

    I'm pretty good at it, though (up until calc2 at least), but we'll see how I fair once I get into multi-variable.

    Math is beautiful.
  9. i love algorithmic computations.

    my friend from MIT and i are trying to design this program from cars to drive themselves in relation to other vehicles near them.

    like a cross between politics and algorithms. basically we take the laws for the road and combine them with the way someone should drive and taking into account the statistical failures of common drivers which cause traffic jams and rush hour.

    pretty much to prevent rush hour.

    so where we are at is we have compiled a bunch of info that he has programed into these RFID chips and coupled them with GPS trackers and put them in a set of 5 of those power wheels vehicles for kids, then he has a friend working on the robotic part that maneuvers the cars on its own based on where the other cars are around it. like if you need to make a turn then about a mile ahead of time it will switch you to the proper lane, but before it does that it performs a satellite read. not like space satellites but puts out a signal that picks up other signals like it and if there is a vehicle nearby it will make your vehicle either slow down or speed up a bit while communicating with the other guy's car to either speed up or slow down. all in attempts to keep a buffer between cars so they dont crash.

    but right now we are trying to get this guy to make a system for these cars to drive themselves. he said he should have it by the fall for at least the first car then making the others should be easy.

    but my part in it is getting all this info and translating it to actual numerical value so it can easily be formated to code these cars the right way for each individual action.

    and that requires a lot of work having to deal with each individual type of car and how much thrust power the car can put out based on all kinds of info from like the ECU chips in cars that regulate intake and all that.

    hard shit but its easy at the same time. its just a matter of putting the info together just the right way. i figure in about a year we could have them driving and reading each other but at least another year until they start communicating properly and maneuvering the right way and making their proper exits from the main road then being able to read the cars on this new road.

    we are gonna need a bunch of these cars.

    pow pow power wheels
  10. I love it. I'm an accountant. I don't know what my highest is, but I've taken statistics, calc, taxation, auditin, etc. It's pretty cool cuz its challenging. You just have to like working with numbers. It's a good thing to know accounting as well because everyone needs one and it's beneficial in many ways.
  11. You came off as a complete pompous ass, you know that right?

    Have you ever just not been able to understand something?

    I cared and tried VERY hard in all of my math classes, numbers just dont make sense to me. I cant remember what the pythagorean theorem is, its not that I dont care or that I dont try, it just doesnt click with me.
  12. well im sorry for your troubles but i dont mean to come off as a holier than thou type. its just that numbers are absolute. they never represent anything other than what their numerical value is.

    i know some concepts are hard to understand but pythagorean theorum is pretty basic geometry.

    i know you will be succesful in whatever you might do but when it comes to anything related to basic stuff like that im sorry but you are worthless to a lot of people.

    i know you wont come across many times in your day life that you will actually need to use that formula but if you dont understand that then you must not have much confidence in yourself in many other thing.

    the only things i dont understand are things that arent explained correctly.

    and im not saying you are stupid either. maybe you werent taught properly. i know i did have problems in other subjects like english. mainly cuz i didnt apply myself. but when i got a teacher that i could actually learn something from then i did put forth my effort.

    anything that is rudimentary like math, biology, chemistry, physics, should be pretty easy for anyone if they just gave a shit.

    but its all about interest. if you arent interested in something then you are less likely to excell in it and want to further your knowledge of it. that doesnt make you stupid for not doing it the right way. you just dont care, you might think it doesnt apply to you or things you want to do so you just blow it off. no big deal.

    but for those who really dont get it and are stupid, i do feel sorry for you cuz you do that shit enough times in your life before you even learn it so you should be able to do it.

    thats the crappy thing about the american education system. too many people give up because when they get to higher grades they learn stuff that they did the year before and so they just say fuck it cuz they are bored and arent challenged, then they end up actually missing something important and so when they get to a higher level of learning they say oh this is too hard and then fall deeper into lowered confidence and say i cant do it.

    tell me something you are good at and i will compare it to math and show you that you just werent pointed in the right direction. for me i was good at almost everything. i say that meaning that if i tried, and actually tried, i managed and was at least average. at that point i decided if i was interested in it or not and if i wasnt then i didnt go any further

    like the drums. in 4th grade i went to classes at school to learn how to play the drums. and i caught on just fine, in fact i think i wanted to learn faster cuz i was getting it and playing back the lesson almost immediately. but the reason i quit so soon was cuz i wasnt being challenged. i was playing the same shit over and over and i already had it memorized and so it wasnt as much fun.

    but now im learning how to play the piano on my own and no lessons. and im coming along fairly well for no formal training on it. but its about your interest level.
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    Highest I've taken so far was calc 3 and diff eq.

    I'm studying engineering but I like math I find it interesting and useful :)

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