What do you think about Logan Paul?

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  1. For those who don't know, he's this humongous YouTube star with around 15 million subscribers. He made a video showing a dead body in some Japanese Suicide Forest (where people go to commit suicide, pretty strange) and was also acting pretty "douchey", kinda jack-ass style and VLOGGED the whole thing. He censored the body and then deleted the video but everybody got super offended and YouTube has even suspended his ad revenue for a few months and he lost a shit load of endorsement deals.

    Anyways, here's what drunk people had to say about it:

    I assume lots of you guys dont use YouTube much yet, but its rapidly taking over traditional (television) media and anybody under 30 watches it more than an actual TV
  2. I only use youtube to learn how to do or build something.
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  3. My kids watch him. I've seen the suicide video. I think people are getting way to butthurt over it. I think Logan Paul is an idiot but he handled it decently, overly dramatic for sure and that's where I think people are getting offended by . You could see he was upset. He kept the smart ass remarks to the minimum and none were directed towards the actual suicide. It was more his actions were dramatised. Like in 1 seen He was running from the area saying He had to get away and doing it dramatically. That is who the guy is after all. He said on the show humor is how he deals with things like this and that he didn't mean to offend anyone and i believe him . Lots of people use humor to handle crappy situations since. However he's in the public view so he's going to get called on it. People like to bitch and complain just as much as they like to watch fools on tv. This is a perfect example.

    I still think the guy is an idiot, he's a smart idiot that's turned stupidity into $$$$$. Is he the devil he's being made out to be right now? I don't think so. Is he a moron? Most definetly. Who hasn't handled handled something a bit oddly before. We just get to do it in the privacy of our own lives and its not shared with the world.
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  4. The guys a childish nerdy gamer.i dont know how he could have such a big following.
    Blame his brainless you tube followers that have gave him popularity.
  5. Buddy you literally hit the nail on the head here!
  6. Haven't seen the video, but he's hardly the first person to make videos about Aokigahara Forest. People have been fascinated by it for decades.
  7. Never heard of him.
  8. I think there is an overwhelming cry from young people today to have somebody they can watch that kind of crosses the gap between G-rated material and 18+ rated material, no different than the generation that grew up watching CKY and Jackass.

    People that represent that cry come and go, but the cry itself seems to be in most young people and it is something they grow out of.
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    The Paul brothers are douchebags, bullies, disrespectful, talentless, uninspiring and unoriginal rich kids who paid their way to success, and exhibit some of the worst kinds of antisocial behavior out there. I did not find any offense in the suicide forest video outside of it being in extremely poor taste. But that video is just a single example of a nasty behavior pattern. A worse example, in my opinion, was when he ripped off a Flobots song (one of my favorite rap acts of the 2000s), made probably millions off it and sold merch with Flobots lyrics on it.

    Be that as it may, I can just ignore their videos, so I just chalk them up to being a few scumbags out of millions. I'm just saddened by the state of Youtube, as someone who has been there since the very beginning. The cream rose to the top, you had to make good content or no one would watch you, period. Now there's networks with lots of corporate money behind them and they can promote any piece of shit that will garner the most clicks, ala Paul bros, regardless of quality. Their age demographic is something like 8-14 - if i had kids i would try to steer them towards quality content.

    tl:dr the suicide video was a lame attention getter from people who the world could do well without. they were on most people's shit list well before that video happened.
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  10. You can watch someone get knocked the fuck out and have their head bounce of the pavement like a basketball and nobody bats an eye.

    Rich kid films a dead body and the world turns upside down.

    Meanwhile, World Star is chugging along happily.

    People are hypocrites.

    But anyway, I hadn’t heard of the guy until this incident, at which point I got lost in his videos for a few hours. It was weird. When I finally surfaced, I felt like I broke a trance. All of it was shitastically boring but somehow I was glued.

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