What do you think about 911?

Discussion in 'General' started by kenshiro, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Was it done by Bin Ladin? Anyone heard of some conspiracy about 911? Personally, I am convinced that was done by Bush government. Would love to hear your opinions.:rolleyes:
  2. Islamic Extremist. Period.
  3. Bush didn't cripple his own fucking WORLD TRADE (ECONOMY) centers.
  4. i dont think it was an inside job, but theres alot of mysterys we dont know...

    on the topic of loose change and that jet fuel burning shit...uhh...if you got that much burning, and youve got other stuff burning, temp is gonna be high enough to atleast weaken the structure...i watched all those videos, and loose change is just that, loosely put together and seems to change...if ti was an inside job, by the time the dude even figured it out, the govt would come and karate chop the shit out of his face, and then say it was more terrorists killin people..
  5. marijuana makes people think too deeply sometimes. if he did, you know how fast one of his fellow politicians woulda ratted him out? nothin but tricks and snitches in the government. thats how i know it wasnt a conspiracy because it woulda been already outta the bag by now. and, you know how insane that sounds? you think he wants to be remembered as one of the worst presidents our country has had? because 9/11 started all of this
  6. He is the worst president we have ever had.

    Bill Clinton, however, was one of the finest.

  7. i think people need to move the fuck on, regardless of who started it, the death toll of the "war on terror" is far greater than the world trade bullshit. it was what 5 years ago now? get the fuck over it, we got bigger problems now.
  8. Even to start a multi-trillion dollar war?

    One that is just the first in a series of trillion dollar wars to crate political overhaul in in the Middle East and install leaders that will join the Middle East Union and assimilate into the World Union. Go figure all the terrorists are on the only part of the globe not under the control of the European Union, The Pan-Asian Union, The African Union, and the soon to be formed (technically already is) North American Union.

    The formation of the World Union will then allow for the control of basically all the worlds money supply by American based Corporations. Giving them control over trillions and possibly even zillions (or whatever comes next?) of dollars of the worlds ability to produce and buy.

    Financial concerns? +1 blow those buildings up!
  9. Maybe I'm the only one not located in State so i can reach other medias instead of CNN, FOX or whatsoever. So i haven't being "brainwashed" that much if you don't mind I said that. And I believe everyone is trying the best to get over it but to get over it is one issue, the fact is another. If you guys want me to shut up, I have no problem with that but I hope you guys try to find a video named "911 In plane site" before making a conclusion. peace.
  10. Idk, all i do know is that we have been lied too. And where theres smoke, theres usually fire.
  11. i really dont think there is a conspiracy
    even though that film loose change was kind of convincing
    just think about it there must have been at least 1000 members who participated in a conspiracy this large and for them all to stay silent with the media we have today is practically impossible
  12. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions that will never be answered.

    Anyone ever actually physically seen the Dollar bill trick with the world trade centers?

    My boss at a calling centre had ALL of the bills and physically did the folding infront of me and I gotta tell you, 5 bills showing 5 stages of building collapse, rubble etc. is just fucking uncanny. Especially how detailed it was, didn't just look like one building. it was 2 distinct high rise buildings which looked just like WTC (Or any other building built off that window/exterior design)

    Just a whole bunch of weird.
  13. Not with the amount of money involved in this whole thing. Everyone has a price they are willing to accept.
  14. Use the search button next time.
  15. Yes. but the absolute magnitute of starting the chain of events known as 9/11 is just unfathomable and would require way to many people keeping way to many secrets.

    The fact is what you are talking about is true, Corporations and Governments are as we speak doing crossovers, take-overs, buy-outs, mergers and as we as a people sit here and worry about buying the new iphone or about going to work tomorrow to make a measly bullshit wage, they'll be turning the gears of the next cycle of massive money making.

    This all started in the 1700's with Newcomers invention of the steam engine and was perfected in the railroad, coal, smelting and transportation conglometers that followed suite, then Al Hammil hit texas gold in 1900 and BAM we have rockefellar monopolizing.. oh i'm sorry i meant "Standardizing" oil prices and throw 107 years on that and we've got a Machine way to fucking powerful for any individual and would require the ENTIRE Populace and not just a small percentage to even start to undo the hundreds of years of corporate dominance and family tree dominance that now encompasses every thread of every dollar you and I come across.

    Wether or not 9/11 was an inside job, it has been used as a CRUTCH by your government on your mass population of fucking idiots with incredibly intelligent news segregation as well as a general dissinterest in questioning the al-mighty televeision.

    On a daily basis you are having your rights as an individual and as a person thrown out the perverbial window and the LAST Thing you should be worrying about is wethere or not it was an inside job, but wether or not in 20 years you'll have even a FRACTION of the freedoms you have now.

    You're pretty much spot on, your just putting a little to much conspiracy into your belief.
  16. i wont say bush did it, but i know it wasnt a complete schock to him, and i dont trust any government officials since 911

  17. And how the fuck did Bush's government get 15 saudi's Trained, Prepared and set-up for a KAMIKAZEE ATTACK?

    The ONLY way they'd ever do it is if they thought it was for the good of their country.. yet, Saudia Arabia is COMPLETELY IN LOVE with U.S.A And is utterly DEPENDANT on it.

    Bush' training Saudi's to blow up WTC is like Stalin training Japanese Kamakazee fighter pilots to attack Moscow. It Just makes NO fucking sense.
  18. I never said I thought it was an inside job, I was just pointing out how they have taken advantage of it. I haven't made up my mind on it and much the same as you, I don't particularly care. They'll probably just apologize for it in 30 years like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

    I know that this post-9-11 craze isn't a start of the imperialism by this country, but rather one of the final stepping stones in an imperialistic colonialist process that started in 1890 and will not end until there is a one world economy ran by a few central banks. Bankers rule the world now... Armies and Governments are just their tools.
  19. 911 is a telephone number that most people in the United States call to reach the emergency dispatch center for their local Police, Fire, and Rescue departments.

    9/11 was Islamic Extremists.

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