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Discussion in 'General' started by EuDxKing, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Well lets see.......
    the last time i smoked weed, was 3 years ago, i was about 15 and i got fucking lit.
    I used to smoke all the time, but then i got caught.
    So since 05' i havent smoked weed.
    and i'm around it more often now adays, since i got my new job.
    (at dominoes, weird. lol)

    and the thing that kept me from smoking, is that after the first 2 times i got caught, she started drug testing me at random. some time she wont test me for months, then some times she will test me 2 times a month.
    so i just didnt want to take the chance.

    but lately, since this is my senior year, and there is so much going on, i'm under a lot of stress.

    and my boys seem to be getting the dank ass shit.

    so i was wondering, is there a way to do this.
    pass a random drug test, because if i use a detox right after i smoke, will that completely flush my system or what?

    and if not, what other ways can i go about this, because its not like i'm on probation(it kind of is) so there is no set date, its just at random.

    Any ideas?
    this 3 1/2 year t-break is killing me. lol.

    cant wait, next year i move out, and start a little personal grow, in an appartment, while i go to college.
  2. Wait what? You havent smoked since 15?!?!?!??

    Just don't smoke everyday and take multivitamins which have Niacin in them, and also work out and excersize. A plus is to drink shitload of water everyday and piss a lot. Worked for me in highschool and my Grandpa(who was a doctor so very strict) tested me a lot and I always passed.
  3. yeah.
    and its really been killing me lately.
    but alright.
    i just need to be for sure that i can pass, like an absolute for sure way to either completely flush my system as soon as i smoke, or to simulate the test.

    And pissing in a bottle is a little hard, because my mom likes to stand right at the door, and makes me use er bathroom.
    (now that i think about it, this seems a little O.C.D)

    and i wouldnt smoke all the time, just about once every few weeks or something.
  4. Yeah man so now all you gotta do is take the multivitamins, work out, and drink water/piss water and I guarantee you won't test positive!
  5. any other suggestions?
  6. Purchase pre-made urine for drug tests. or use someone elses urine that you know is clean.
  7. I just watched this Christian Bale movie last night... "Harsh Times"

    Where he chugs a whole bottle of vinegar and then takes clean piss and uses a turkey-baster to reverse stream it back up through his dick into his bladder.

    ^^^ But I really don't suggest either of those. :smoking:

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