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What do you suffer from?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jamie_Shay, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. (no offense to nobody and if there is a thread like this, i apologize)

    I only hope one day FL becomes one of the MM states. Until then i guess we are our own doctors lol.

    me (Shay) i smoke because of having: RA, Lupus, Type I Diabetes, Gluacoma and (may even have beginners stage of ALS)

    Jamie smokes: basically because he always has but had a motorcycle accident a while back. and does not have the ability to feel "hunger pains"/no appetite and lost about more than 2/3 of his intestines from the motor exploding when a car ran into him, plus it helps with his migraines.
  2. My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fiber, and that I am therefore excused from saving universes.
  3. I suffer from not enough thc in my body.

  4. lol goofy
  5. Type 2 spearated shoulder(2 years ago and have pain every day), and osgood schlatters disease. I feel the effects from both constantly I will most likely have surgery on my shoulder but my knees pain will only go away with time.

    Fuck pawlently and his bullshit ass Government position. Norm Coleman won the fucking race and I fucking voted for him. Just because he has more money doesn't mean he should win the position. If I ever meet him, he will get a heated debate and a fucking punch in the face.

    Ill do the time in jail for assult I fucking hate this guy. Straight veto MM bill when it skipped the last two houses because it passed very other one and they wanted to help the seriously ill. GTF out of here, if your in a state that allows a no helmet law for motorcycles(i always ware my hemlet) you can't reget a bill that supports people who are on their death bed.
  6. I suffer from documented anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder. Not all too bad though, Ive led a pretty normal life. I dont live in a medical card state but I will probably move to a more 420 friendly state than I live in now.

    Glaucoma runs in my family though and has hit several people at a pretty young age. Bud relieves intraocular pressure so I guess you can say Im preemptively using it for that too.
  7. Thorasic nerve damage which causes my scapula to get out of alignment which therefore ends up randomly dislocating my shoulder randomly. Not to mention the sharp pain constantly.
  8. When I was 3, another child tried to murder me with a hammer. I was left with scalp scars that ache, dents in my skull, frequent migraines and cluster headaches. I am also a month shy of being 62, have mild arthritis, a (minor) congenital malformation of my hip and a bad knee (it's OK most of the time). My mother was bipolar- I'm just "moody". I use cannabis to deal with my mood swings.

    I was 19 when I tried cannabis for the first time. I was at Richard Ford's house. I had "observed" at several parties (even as a kid I was cautious)- I sat in the circle, but just passed on the joints. It was Halloween, and joints were going in both directions. Suddenly, there I was- a joint in both hands. I inhaled.

    It took me about a year to figure out that my use (although enjoyable) was medicinal. When I had cannabis, I didn't get migraines. I figured this out during one of the seasonal cannabis "droughts". We had been out for a couple of weeks and I had a bad migraine coming on (auras and all). A friend dropped by with an underweight ounce that was twice the normal price ($10 an ounce was the regular price back then! :eek: ) We bought it, of course.

    As I toked, the auras faded and the migraine melted away. The light went ON!:smoke:

    I haven't had a migraine since I became "California legal" and began growing my own. Life is good!

    Granny :wave:

  9. sammeeeee here =(
  10. Nothing major, insomnia, depression, frequent back pain.

    Have a psychiatrist/counselor for the depression, and the herb almost completely removes my insomnia and back pain. :hello:
  11. i don't have a card yet, but i've suffered from severe back and side pain since i broke a rib when i was 12.
  12. Cancer (chemotherapy) :hello:

  13. Whoaaa that's weird, that's EXACTLY what I suffer from. Except I think my nerve damage is in the cervical part of the spine, right below the atlas.

    But my scapula sits out of place and fucks with my shoulder as a result. I know the sharp, constant pain you're talking about, where it feels like it's wrapping around your entire shoulder. Sucks man :(
  14. Occasional back pain (I'm 6'4, 195pounds), depression, and a mild form of insomnia.
  15. ive been suffering from a mild form of psycosis, opositional defiance disorder, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and misaligned knees...

    youngest person in sacramento to get there card
  16. Officially diagnosed and well-documented PTSD, Major Depression, Anxierty, and as of late, Panic Attacks as well. SSRIs didn't work, I tried numerous brands and formulas before giving up. I really hated that depending on the pill, I almost always also had to take an upper or downer with it to keep me awake or help me fall asleep.
  17. Mostly for anxiety and mood swings, no documentation but I know it helps. My daughters, both over 18, will hand me my herb loaded and ready to go in my bong and tell me to have a smoke. That's a nice way of saying, "your a little bitchy right now Mom!" I did break my arm last August when I got bucked off my quad while out riding and miscalculating a jump/hole in the ground. Oooops, shoulda stood up more! Anyways, broken arm is healed now but the "low-key throbbing" goes away when I smoke, feels much better. I also have back pain and female stuff that feels better when I smoke, dulls the sensation. Lastly, I have a sensitivity to light as I've gotten older, have no idea why. I have a Cali Canni Card and love to hit my fav club in Berkely and get the meds I need!
  18. I've had glaucoma since I was 7 years old. My dad had it, found out about it when he died in 1993 from ALS.
  19. I have chronic back pain and mild insomnia. A bowl in a vaporizer per day keeps both gone... completely. So much better than ambien/lunesta whatever
    Unfortunately I live smack in the middle of texas but after college I will live in a medical state

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