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What Do You Store Your Bud In?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budlover1234, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. There are tons of ways to store your bud. Like baggys, film cans, jars, pill bottles etc...

    I like to use a little film canister or just a baggy.

    What do you guys use:confused:

  2. Mason Jars for home storage, little mini bags for taking it places

  3. That is all i use :D glass jars ftw
  4. In my blunt
  5. I got an airtight jar at the dollar store.. I love it.. keeps it extra fresh!
  6. I like pill containers, but if i had some mason jars I would definitely use them.
  7. I use these little circular metal tins that used to hold Smirnoff mints. Best place ever and theyre pretty airtight. I have like ten
  8. If its some of my dank bud i store it in a manson jar.. Dont add carrots or none of that shit in the jar it will make your bud mold..

    If its some mids or dirt weed then i just keep it in a plastic baggie
  9. 420jars <--google it!
  10. I used to store my nugg in just one of those small bags you get from the dealer but then i learned after a week or so , if i pinch the bud if crumbles to dust. So what i did is use the orange medicine things that you get when a docter prescribes medicen and u pick it up at a drug store.
  11. I just leave it in the bag that I buy it in.
  12. yea i forgot to mention mason jars...there good for curing and storing ur bud
  13. Tightvac ftw

  14. the tight vac Google it best out there i call it the space case
  15. yea if you buy a food saver they give u sum airtight jars and those are perfect to....
  16. I keep mine in what ever it comes in normaly clingfilm or a little baggy then i put what ever it came in inside a smell proof air tight baggy works a treat keeps ur spliff fresher (Y)...
  17. Those glass jars with the lever to make it airtight. Amazing little things.
  18. does any1 use those lil glass baby food jars??
  19. film canisters. the ones made by Ilford Photo. they are black (so nobody can see the goods), don't smell AT ALL (also water/airtight), and the top never comes off in your pocket.

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