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What do you stoners work as?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Feelin Irie, May 23, 2012.

  1. Saw a thread called what do you stoners do, thinking it was gonna be asking about our jobs, I was curious about that.

    So lets here it blades, whatcha guys do? Other than blaze :smoke:, what's your job?

    I'm a swim instructor for kids, get payed $12 an hour and $40 a month for gas. Baller ass job for 18, gonna be making $600 paychecks starting June.
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    I deliver food to you fucking stoners when I am not in class :laughing:

    edit: shit money, too many hours
  3. I wash dishes for about 9.25/hr work about 25hrs/week

  4. Dude... that's more than I got as a life guard!
  5. Don't have a job yet but aspiring to be an automotive engineering...
  6. i work at a photo lab and as a wiring technician at a pH neutralization engineering firm.
  7. I got two jobs working as a dishwasher at a country club and a cashire at a mc donalds lol
  8. I sell drugs!! no haha I'm actually a student and get money from the goverment
  9. New member here from UK, computer technician
  10. I'm working on essentially an assembly line putting together circuit boards for gas detectors used by miners. Industrial Scientific is the company's name. I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. 10pm-6:30am Sunday through Thursday which is right up my alley cause I've been a night owl since I was in like middle school. 11 bucks an hour ain't too shabby either when you consider I never went to college. :D

    Sadly, I'm working through a contracting company for them right now, and when I actually get hired on, they piss test. So no smoking for a while. :(
  11. I work in an outdoor garden center, 30 hours/week $10/hour
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    Have a clean friend piss for you in a cup, keep that shit until you need to get tested. Put it in a ziplock bag and tie it around your nuts. Keep it between your legs so it warms up and gets to the appropriate temperature.

    And there yah go, no need to stop smoking! I did it for my job test, everything went perfect except I spilled a little bit of my friends pee on me... it was gross.

  13. Web developer and graphic artist for an e-learning company.
  14. I work in a supermarket in the UK, not a bad little job considering the job market over here atm
  15. I call people and ask them to go back to school.

    4 dollars everytime someone says yes.

    I've made 12 dollars in one day, and 200 in a day. Much more worse days than good ones.
  16. I was a fkin dishwasher at 14 lol. getting paid that much. not worth it the servers get paid more and they can leave earlier and they get tips etc. dishwashing is only there when I really need it lol
  17. Dishwashing sucks...
    Its the most stagnant job in the world.
    You're treated like the Chef's bitch,
    The servers have no respect for you,

    but at least the line cooks are always cool though :laughing:
  18. I work as a bag boy/cashier at a chain of midwest grocery stores. Been there five years, its a terrible job.
  19. Student transferring to university. My parents, well my dad, always said he'd support me if it was for education or music so here I am mooching until I am finished with uni.

    Though I occasionally get advertising jobs from my favorite cannabis club, just guerrilla marketing. And I will be talking to the local head shop, the owner and I are pretty cool and I'd like to summer intern there or something of the sorts.

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