What do you stoners think about Barry Bonds?

Discussion in 'General' started by BMactoker, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I was just shooting this out there since its been all over the news and ESPN. The guy did drugs and came out a better player. Not sure what i think about it other than the fact the guy is an asshole. What do you stoners think
  2. He's good at the sport. Hell, i could take all the 'roids in the world and still not be able to hit homers every time. There's some talent for the sport there. He did blemish his name, though, and hopefully his testicles as well with the steroids.
  3. i think barry bonds is a low life scum sucking bitch ass motherfucker who likes big dick in his ass while hes jerking off to a gay horse.

    GO DODGERS! :hello:
  4. very creative ramble :hello: made me laugh
  5. If the NFL is going to suspend Rickey Williams for smoking pot the MLB should castrate Barry Bonds for using steroids. And everybody needs to stop talking about this like it’s some kind “news” anyone who doesn’t think that steroids are pervasive in all sports are probably the same people who still think Iraq was behind 911 and Sadam slept with a nuke under his pillow. It’s terrible the play this is getting in the so called press. One show led with an interview of Jason Jiambi and talked 30 minutes about steroids before they announced and did 5 minutes on the release of Jill Carol. All this crap is driving me crazy. Priorities are severely screwed up in this country (America).

  6. hahahaha, i was gonna post something similar, 'cuz i'm a diehard dodgers fan... +rep
  7. fuck the dodgers................GIANTS ALL THE WAY..........the dodgers couldnt find their asshole from a hole in the ground
  8. Barry Bonds is a disgrace to the game. The only poeple that i would forgive for such a crime was someone who took the shit legitamatlyn ot knowing ( unlike bonds ) and i could oonly have been one time/one drug (bonds took like 50 ). Kick his pussy ass outta baseball take his records and and shove them up his cheating ass.
  9. we'll let April 14-16 speak for itself. ;) :D

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