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What Do You Spend On Your Habit Every Month?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingOfBud, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    What Do You spend on weed every month on average?

    not much of a smoker - $20-$50 a month

    occasional toker - $51-$150

    frequent smoker - $151-$300

    Straight up Stoner - $301-$500

    Livin the life! - $501+______________________________

    So how much do you spend on average and do you think you classify as what I have you listed as? haha..

  2. I spend $90 a month, which puts me at occasional toker.

    I disagree with this label because I buy schwaggy mids due to the current situation in my town...I get an ounce for $90 and that lasts a month. Comes out to about a gram a day. I've been smoking this shit for a few months now, and .5 or so will still get me fucking lifted. So I get baked twice a day every day...wouldn't call that occasional
  3. Ounce of shitty weed for 90 is expensive...!!
  4. i literally smoke every day, not like crazy amounts but the frequencyis that much, and i spend around 100 but iono if i wud b called an occasional stoner

  5. Prices are different everywhere, man. Maybe he lives in Antarctica.

    but seriously. Economics.

    I'm an occasional toker @ $60 a month. an 1/8 of dank a month. I have low tolerance, and conserve. :smoke:
  6. It depends.

    If i got the money then i buy an eight every five days :) which is $60 each eighth :0 = 360

    If im tryna save money then an eight every ten days :) = 180

    and if its harsh times then i buy shitty reggie and buy an oz for 50 :p
  7. It depends on how much money I have available during said month. I always end up being high all of the time anyway, somehow. With a circle of stoner friends, someone is always holdin'.

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