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What do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Qu33f, Mar 11, 2004.


What do you Smoke?

  1. Just good old MJ(includes hash)

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  2. Weed and Tobacco

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  3. Just Tobacco

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  4. Crack Rock

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  5. Anything else?Name it..

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  1. I was just wondering if I'm not the only person on here that doesn't smoke tobacco, all my friends do and last night they were all smokeing around me and my smart ass friend says "you may as well smoke one the second hand will kill ya 2 hahah" and the scarry part is he's right. So post what you smoke and any thing else
  2. Bud and tobacco, not hash.
  3. weed, hash, tobaccy, salvia. and i once smoked those dried italian herb for cooking.

    tasted nice.

    so does dried banana skins. just don't believe anyone who tells you it will get you high.

  4. yeh i heard about that banana skin thing, was gonna try it this weekend, but i tihnk i'll pass
  5. weed and cigs
  6. Just weed and crack. No cigs for me, that shit'll kill you. All my friends smoke so much cigs, makes me sick to my stomach.
  7. Weed(that includes hash too!) and slavia.
  8. just weed, i'll have the occasional cigar but i dont inhale.. :) seriously i dont. I want to try salvia some day.

  9. glad you set your boundries somewhere... everyone should set limits for themselfs like you...
  10. just bud ..and maybe tobbaco if you wanna count a blunt wrap
  11. only smoke bud nothing like good ol' MJ
  12. I only smoke weed and the occasional cig when I'm drunk.
  13. I stick to the herb. Cigarettes are a waste of money in my opinion.

  14. and your body
  15. bud al the time, maybe a cig here and there if im drunk.
  16. If you don't plan on smoking all the time, don't smoke at all. I can go through a pack of Newports a day or more depending on how much shit I have to deal with during the day... before that, I only smoked occasionally to up my buzz..and it just lead into more cigs...

    It's not like I have an option of "weed instead of cigs"...

    ...I'd actually need weed to have that option.
  17. just bud. i hate tobbaco, even if it does give ya a buzz boost its not worth it, too me at least
  18. I put done just MJ, cause I'm trying to quit cigs.
  19. has anyone else ever sprinkled shroom dust on top? Thats gotten me quite fucked up tonihgt. I heard that heat kills the Psilosin or what-not, but i think it does work....any comments?
  20. I've actually heard about that my friends were trying to get me to lace a big blunt with shrooms but I said naw and ate those things instead, but if anyone does know the truth shoot, I think it does cause at that earowid website it says inhalated or injested, so I guess you can smoke them, I like Tea the best.

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