what do you say when your parents ask you if youre high/still smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. my mom thinks she knows when im always high and it pisses me off because she always looks me in the eye and says "your eyes look a little droopy" and im not even high, thats just how my eyes are.

    irritates me like crazy. but what do you say if they ask u if ur still smoking or if you are currently high?
  2. I just give a smile and a nod.


    Really though, if they ask I usually just say yeah.
  3. Tell them you're doing heroin instead.
  4. Be straight up with her. I don't know your parents and I don't know the circumstances, but in my uneducated opinion, tell the truth. If you're high, say so. If you're not, say no. Some parents are actually more okay with the idea than they appear to be. If you're straight up with them they can't get you on lying to them.
  5. My parents haven't asked me that in years
  6. wow ive heard someone say this earlier....they said

    "tell em you do heroin instead, then be like haha jus playin i just smoke weed here and there"

    and they will feel much better about u smokin weed.....maybe i should do that. but i have a feeling my parents will just believe me and i'll be screwed
  7. i am a parent and would rather you just be truthful
  8. i usually tell em

    and i went the route of lying and shit and then my mom thought i was a meth head
    and she actually believed that i smoked meth on a daily basis

    all i did was laugh and say "mom, i smoke weed."

    she was like "oh really? cool"

  9. My mom usually asks "Why do your eyes look weird?"

    I play ignorant and say I dont know. lol

    Now if they smell smoke, its 'incense'
  10. Yeah, How much ya want?
  11. when my parents ask me, i respond with the same thing every time lol...its like this

    "matt, are you high?"
    "mom are YOU high?"
    "no, i dont smoke"
    "oh, that sucks"

    then she just looks at me and walks away jaja
  12. mom: r u okay?
    me: yeah
    mom: are you sure?
    me: *smiles*
    mom: oh your high .. duh

    it happens like everyday ud think she was the high one
  13. rofl :smoking:
  14. they usually dont ask because they already know:smoking:

  15. Your a stoner parent its different lol
  16. good point lol
  17. Usually they just wonder why I'm not sharing with them.
  18. Hell Motha Fuckin Yeah
  19. whenever im high
    my mom is always like"how ya doin ryan?"
    im like"fantastic! how are you!?"
    she doesnt care
    the worst part is when im high, i look high
    i ALWAYS get red eyes
  20. "Son, are you high?"

    "Damn straight, wanna taste some of this AK?"

    "Sure" :smoking:

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