what do you say when your bowl is "beat"?

Discussion in 'General' started by angelsfaith, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. when the bowl you are currently smoking is depleted. what do you say?

    example: dude...its beat as fuck. ok
  2. wheres the bag man?!?!!?!?
  3. Cashed or zipped.
  4. cashed

    it's what the people who smoked me up the first time said so I kinda picked it up. now I pass it on to all my young proteges (5 in the last 2 months, mebbe 6 soon)
  5. it's beat...

    when you smoke the ash until it's white i call it "Piffering the weed" because of my friend Mark Piffer who does it everytime...hehehe, that guy is such a loadie...
  6. hahah, thats pooched, doneskies, cached, out.
  7. i hope that you actually yell out Beyyyooooooooooooootch everytime the bowls done. that would be so funny. id come and hang out with you for sure.
  8. the bowl is bitched


    bitch it ( also refers to joints, bongs, etc.)
  9. sometimes i'll say its spent, but ussully i'm trying to pack another without saying anything
  10. i usually say it's done. or sometimes say it's spent

    but i always make sure the ash is blown out. nothin more annoying than when someone can't be arsed to empty the bowl when they pass it to you

  11. same here..... though the saying can also e applied to be people..... like saying..." oh that kid's kicked" same as being shot or what not...idk....
  12. HIGH All, spent!!
  13. I either say killed or dead.... some people around here say Cached but that certain person I could live without so I try not to say it.
  14. Beat, Bonk, Kicked, Cashed.

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