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What do you say to weed criticism?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sweet L, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. To make it a bit clearer, how do you verbally handle a situation when someone (co-worker, friend, anyone) criticizes you for smoking pot? I think im looking for "seasoned" vets that have 10+ years under their belt. In real, adult life situations when people, who may not even know you do smoke start to have an elitest attitude towards it. The high school and college crowd will generate different results - how about people that work full time who may have families/children/homes?

    For example, if a friend starts busting your balls about being a pothead and blah blah - without giving them a hundred statistics or "watch the union" stuff, what do you say? How do you defend it? I just seem to be under the gun recently and dont exactly have a proper on the fly defense. I cant seem to combat the criticism with proper rebuttals except for saying how i really feel - which is because its sort of my balance. Because im honest and strong in my convictions, i tell them that it aids me in seeing things that shouldn't be seen. i alter my consciousness to internalize and think about real topics. I brought up Neo-fascism in the world and they say, "dude, you just smoke too much weed. life is not a conspiracy theory." Not saying it is, but have you even been engaged enough to look deeper into important fucking issues - no, you just keep the wool pulled over your eyes and go on your robotic life. Thats why i smoke weed.
    sorry for the rant
  2. Well I legitimately use it medicinally, so that's usually my "excuse"

    I really don't care about people who are opposed to it...they aren't worth my time
  3. Well to tell you the truth, if those people that frown upon you for smoking buds are more successful in their lives then you can't say much.

    Thats why i always believe that you should further yourself and try to be the best you can, smoking bud is just a hobby/ and we all know people have different hobbies. There are clubs for coin collectors and forums for them too...This is the forum for us pot lovers.

    What im trying to say is tell them to just fuck off...because if they are busy telling you what you should and shouldn't do they aren't living their own lives which is shameful for them.
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    Just don't talk about weed with them. If it's a sore subject, with no probable resolution, then let it go. If they continue to bring it up, politely tell them you're not comfortable discussing it. That way they still think they're right and will let it drop. With some people, you just can't win; and it's not always worth fighting over it/losing a friendship because of it.

    If that's really all you have to talk about, or they refuse to respect your wishes on not talking about it, make some new friends.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Co-workers are a tough situation to walk away from when you are thrown in there 50hrs a week. Just wondering what others think. My best friend of 20 years is blaming my not being around as much on smoking pot. I don't even smoke every day!? It's called moving on with life, being a homeowner, and developing a family. It's really my fault because I don't have the heart to tell him we share nearly any common interests nowadays. Shit, I used to get high more with him than anyone - but he's an officer now so he frowns upon it. He'd rather go drinking and drive home hammered because he's got a get-out-of dwi piece of tin now. Plus he's single. Plus he's 30 and lives with his parents. Ah, growing up.

  6. Well if thats the situation...if hes not smoking weed hes really not doing anything with his life :smoke:
  7. Try being honest with your friend about you guys' life situations; isn't that what friends do? :p

    As for your co-workers; don't let the idea of weed ruin your relationships with them. Just don't bring it up, when it comes up, don't mention yourself or just stay out of the conversation until the subject changes. If they bring you up intentionally, just say "Sorry, don't wanna talk about it." They may rib you a little but should let it drop.
  8. haters gonna hate, just blow it in their face haha
  9. If somebody brings it up just ask them if they drink or smoke cigarettes, chances are they will at least drink. Just remind them alcohol kills hundreds of thousands of people a year and poisons your body and liver so for you to be using a substance that is basically harmless to our physical body shouldn't even be brought up. The government has painted this picture in the minds of people that if you smoke you comment crimes and don't amount to anything, just show them you are responsible and you can still do your work and live your life how you always have without weed affecting it. Some people go home and have a glass of wine or a beer after work, you just choose to smoke a joint. As long as you don't let a drug determine your life, life is gravy my friend
  10. Usually just refute however they criticized it, for example if they say it kills brain cells I would reply with the correct information.
  11. [quote name='"new2pot9000"']It's kind of crazy how the government makes nature illegal.[/quote]

    Just kinda? Its fucking nuts!

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