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What do you say to people who say marijuana will kill you, kills brain cells, will ruin your life, its a gateway drug ect..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sahid, Jan 23, 2014.

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    I used to get all butthurt about it and try to argue my points, But at this point in my life if someone doesnt agree and tries to lecture me I just say "to each his own" and let it roll. People are going to want to push you into their way of thinking all the time. Everyone has vices, if they say they dont then their vice is being better than everyone else. Fuck em. Do you and thats all that matters right???

  2. If they still choose to believe that in spite of the resounding scientific evidence, then they have to be weak minded people.
    Theres only one thing you say to weak minded people. Get on your knees and suck my cock.
  3. Ignorance 
  4. "So does drinking alcohol. But apparently legal forms of suicide are okay."
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    I say. 
    Did you know that Bullseye from Marvel comics once managed to kill a target from over 200ft away with a toothpick? 
    I also say. 
    Did you know Gambit has a charasmatic charm ability that makes people instinctively trust him? 
    And then I say. 
    Did you know. That Superman is strong enough to move a planet? 
    And then I say. 
    Iron Man is richer than Batman. 
    And then I say. 
    What were we talking about again?
  6. I never say anything, I choke them.
  7. I just tell them, "nah, the government just lied to you for a long time. weed is illegal because of private business and racism, it's not dangerous, at all, period."
  8. I have exactly what you need! "Granny Storm Crow's List"- a collection of over 1000 pages of links.
    So let's say he claims that "Pot causes lung cancer!"  :eek:
    You say "Unlikely, and here's why!" as you scroll down to the "CANCER-LUNG" section in the List. Then you start pulling up articles and studies like these-
    Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic.        (full - 2005)
    Large Study Finds No Link between Marijuana and Lung Cancer      (news - 2006)
    {Delta}-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits growth and metastasis of lung cancer.  
    (abst - 2007)
    Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows      (news – 2007)
    Marijuana habit not linked to lung cancer          (news – 2013)
    Study: Smoking Marijuana Not Linked with Lung Damage             (news – 2012)
    Cannabis and the Lung: No More Smoking Gun?          (editorial – 2013)
    There are many more like that in my List.  And I have covered the old myths, so you can demolish his points, one by one, using real medical studies and articles about them to prove you are right! :devious: To get your free copy of the 2013 List, check out the bottom of my sig and send me an email, or PM me your email address.
  9. I say, "man I love Jesus, and if what you're saying is true, every bong rip gets me closer to him!" Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. I don't know the last time someone has said this to me...... most likely because those people aren't around me when I smoke.
  11. I usually start off by reminding them that the US Gov holds a patent on cannabis as a "neuroprotectant and antioxidant" - used to stimulate neurogenesis, protect against neurological degeneration and so on. This is one of the biggest anti-cannabis blunders; the misconception that cannabis use will render you brain-dead. Sounds great on propaganda-paper, except it just isn't true! Studies have shown the exact opposite - cannabis use enhances neurological function in addition to it's neuroprotectant properties.
    Then I suggest they check out (StormCrows) MMJ reference list: over 1,000 PAGES OF LINKS to studies illustrating powerful medicinal benefits for a myriad of conditions and diseases. I always re-emphasize that it isn't just 1,000 pages of info, it is literally 1,000+ pages filled with study links, each link directs you to a complete study. So in effect, that MMJ list is comprised of thousands of pages of research literature.

    Then, after they at least acknowledge the science-backed facts, I am more than happy to discuss anything. I refuse to debate anything with anyone who doesn't know what they're talking about!
  12. I usually say, "bye."

    Life's too short to waste it arguing with ignorant mongoloids and violent sociopaths.
  13. "Hey, grandpa. How old are you now?" I will ask my grandpa in front of them.
    "I'm 90 son, why?" grandpa should reply.
    "How much weed have you smoked?", I'll ask.
    "A lot kid. a lot. Started 19 and I'm smoking now". 
  14. I don't know anybody that stupid if I did I would offer them some bud so there eyes would finally open.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Nothing, theres nothing to argue there wrong. Marijuana doesnt kill... HOW do you debate real facts? I just laugh.

    Sent from my HTCONE using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. Same here, arguing with foolish people would just make me foolish.
  17. A majority of people don't actually have any facts to support these claims, it's just a stigma that society places on marijuana so people believe its this bad substance that you should never ever touch. 
    Whenever people say it to me I just tell them to get their facts straight, and ask them if they're having a drink anytime soon, and to enjoy the liver damage.
    My mom's the worst for it lol, it's like she's bloody determined to hate weed.
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    I tell them "lack of respect for someone personal choice is a sign of immaturity" and then smile. Then, I proceed to tell them that they should really do a little bit of research for themselves and not believe everything that is spoon fed to them by the media.  Then, tell them to have a good day and that you hope they will stop passing judgement and slinging around statements that simply aren't true.  And walk away.  
    You can't change their minds but you can at least leave a good impression on them and leave a positive image of stoners in their mind.  If they see you're mature and you handled the conversation rationally, maybe, just MAYBE they will stop being zombies and start living with their eyes open.  It's not worth wasting words and emotions on people who refuse to think for themselves and are unnecessarily close minded. 
  19. Well it could ruin your life if you let it. But to the others mentioned I chop it up to ignorance and try to educate them.

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