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What do you say to people who say marijuana will kill you, kills brain cells, will ruin your life, its a gateway drug ect..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sahid, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Im just curoius to see how people who do smoke handle the situation.

  2. I don't know anyone who actually believes that.  I think everyone I know, including my whole family, has used weed before.  The only problem people have with it usually is the fact that it's illegal. 
    Yea i dont know anyone but my friend, he tried it with me for his first time last year and felt sick now he says he thinks it will kill him or mess up with his head idk what to say to him lol.
  4. Tell them to get educated.
  5. "Well what proof do you have to support your claim?"
    They usually don't have one and just stop. or they make up some bullshit reason
  7. I tell them they are fucking retarded and to shut up before I kill them!
    JK...I laugh at them and ask who told them that bullshit...then I break it down for them and dare them to test my logic. One guy in a bar kept going on and on one night about how dangerous it was.....we found him passed out in the bathroom bent over a puke covered bowl with his pants around his knees and shit and piss running out of his underwear...... . We took pics of him on his phone and texted them to everyone in his contacts list..."Having a great time at the bar. Don't smoke weed, it aint as safe as the shit I'm on"...
     Never saw him again. And he was a regular. We probably saved his life with that intervention.
  8. tell them to get their facts straight first, then they can distort them as they wish.
  9. I don't say anything because all the marijuana I smoked killed all my brain cells so I can't talk anymore. :mad:
  10. challenge accepted my nigga, been trying to OD on weed for years now.

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  11. Just say "goodbye."
    If you can't get away from them, then challenge them to show what scientific study has proven any of that (there aren't any).
  12. i smash their faces into tiny little pieces.
  13. \tgateway drug?Like, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol ? Dangerous addictive drugs like nicotine and alcohol?
    I nail their ignorant ass.
  14. I do my best to not communicate with stupid people
  15. #15 TinTizzy, Jan 24, 2014
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    Ive seriously never ran into anyone thats anti pot...probably because im poor (not saying its a poor people thing just they tend to be more open minded)
  16. Punch him in the neck
  17. I laugh my ass off, then sarcastically say "How good do you think my weed is?"  Then explain to them that it's no longer the 60's.  Those are problems that were brought up when people were still smoking "reefer" and "grass" because they were "dope fiends" with "reefer madness."  
    Heh.  Alternative would be to say "You seem stressed.  Hit this."
  18. Are you serious ? Its a plant . Id say a cigarette is worse than a joint even though tobacco is also a plant that they add other chemicals into it that make it addictive. It also smells bad makes your teeth yellow, your clothes, hair, everything smell horrible people who dont like weed probably have had bad experiences with it and just dont like it. But they drink till they vomit. I dont understand that , alcohol also makes you smell ruins your liver after a certain amount of it you forget everything and black out whats the fun in that ? Id rather get so high that i enjoy a big ass meal and relax and fall asleep :D Than be huggin the porcelain all night long vomiting :)
  19. I usually tell people to educate themselves on it until they bash it. Especially when some one tries to say "WEED KILLS!" I just laugh at that one.I love weed and for all for the legalization of it. But I won't sit here and act like weed is doesn't have any negative effects though.But guess what? Alcohol kills brain cells too, causes liver problems, cirrhosis etc. Don't even get me STARTED on cigarettes. I tell people that regardless of the studies, bottom line if alcohol and cigarettes can continue to be sold and legalized, why not weed? The way I look at it, weed isn't nor couldn't be any worse than alcohol or cigs. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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