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what do you say to a cop when you get caught with weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by jayboii478, May 28, 2010.

  1. rule # 1 never admit you are high, even if you have the stupidest face on, they cant prove you are.

    rule # 2 chop it up with the cop if its a female so she can let u go faster.

    rule # 3 continue to burn trees.

  2. racist jokes aren t funny
    no wonder u have a negative rep
  3. I'm just fucking with you:

  4. The correct thing to say is "These aren't my pants!"

    [ame=] - These Aren't My Pants... OR My Crack[/ame]
  5. you have the right to remain silent :D

    but seriously one time a cop asked me if i had a problem I said no I'm not a crack head. After that he said go straight home.

  6. I would tell him i found it off the ground, or I would just absolutely not say a word untill an attorney was present
  7. Oh what poetic justice that would be!!!!
  8. I don't know about you guys but I got this thing called Miranda Rights. I have the right to remain silent....and I exercise that right in every run in with a cop. Cops are assholes, well, some aren't but most are.

    When I got popped for weed, the cop kept tryin to talk to me but I just kept looking straight ahead out my windshield and didn't say a god damn thing. Let me tell ya that pisses a cop off more than anything but there's nothing he can do about it :devious:
  9. the mexican on the bike is what i all ways say
  10. NEVER snitch on dealers, their punishment is way worse than a stupid ticket..and snitches get stiches:wave:

  11. i like snitches end in ditches better :hello:
  12. Cops ask such dumb questions. One time when I got caught he asked me "what were you first thinking when you saw me coming after you?"

    I mean what kind of dumb fuck question is that? I wasn't thinking "Praise Jesus here comes my savior to prevent me from smoking this god awful, satanic drug."

    I answered him with "Oh shit." Then he said not to use curse words when describing it. But that was my actual fuckin thought. I was thinking throw the shit, and run. I threw the pipe I was gonna run and not look back but he got me. So in the end the answer to that question was "oh my goodness" yeah, he wrote that down, because I didn't know what the fuck to say.

    But yeah if he asks who your dealer is make up some shit. I said some black guy named Jose infront of Wal-Mart.

  13. haha hell ya as Big L would say
  14. It's not an arrestable offense if you have an ounce or less, so just ask the officer politely to simply finish issuing the ticket. It really isn't his business where you got it.
  15. I plead da FIF.
  16. "Look man I've got the munchies and I need to smoke a big joint right now. Gimme a light will you? Don't you see my body is shivering and I can't control my fingers so hand it over NOW please. And if you take me inside your car I can't guarantee I won't snatch your purse."
  17. Well I can tell you what NOT to say... they don't like it when you say "It was a tip from your mom for a job well done".
  18. Well uhm what about this one: "My Dad gave it to me he says it's good 4u he smokes too and his boss knows it NP. Want a free sample, u can smoke it in your break or when u drive home?"
  19. Where I come from (red neck town), snitches get shot. It might not rhym, but its the truth. My famous line was "I got it from some mexican that didnt speak much english down in Mollala" (back in the day boarder runners would bring it up from cali to mollala, i dunno why the shit I grew at the time was better)

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