what do you say to a cop when you get caught with weed?

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  1. I live in Massachusets so its only a ticket .. but first off is it a ticket if your under 18? Im 18 but i want to know for my friend who is 17 turning 18 .. second off what happens when you get caught what do they ask? and how do you respond? like if they ask where did you get it? what do you say.. cant tell them who you got it from.. so like what can you say to not get you or your friends/dealer in trouble. Thanks :smoking::wave::hello::cool::confused::rolleyes:
  2. if a cop EVER asks where u got the weed always respond "off some black guy on the corner"
  3. dont get caught tell them it's wild dagga, mint or the like for this purpose mix it up with the same.
  4. ^^Your "Friend whos turning 18" just shouldnt get caught...keep it copicetic.
  5. "That ain't my crack pipe, It's my friends"

  6. hahaha!

    umm. you dont say anything.

    keep your fuckin mouth closed, man up, and pay your tickets. thats what you do. its your fault for gettin caught, no one elses.
  7. I say, "hello Mr. Peace Officer, sir! Lovely day, isn't it?" with a big smile on my face and then I whip out my official state issued medical cannabis card. :p
  8. pure .. i am a man, i have no problem paying that ticket i used to live in nh and its a criminal offense. What i was asking it for was because i don't want to get anyone in trouble and i don't want to get arrested so like if i don't say anything its weird and he will arrest me most likely if i say the wrong thing he would probably arrest me. So i'm just curios as to what to say.. like i've had a it along time and i don't remember would that work?
  9. Talk about racial profiling.
  10. better than rating out a friend or dealer. You can just make up a location and just say a hobo or something
  11. I would rate my dealers 7/10. Sometime he goes dry and dosen't re-up for a few days.

  12. Good luck buying from other dealers after they find out you snitched on your last one.
  13. Haha, I think he's refering to the fact that you said rating instead of ratting..
  14. officer can you hold my joint while I look for my registration? thanks big guy :smoking:
  15. We should match.
  16. Whoops ^_^ sorry im was high/am high lol
  17. I'm confused :confused:
    Did you actually get a ticket, or are you asking about hypothetically getting a ticket? It sounds like you'd be able to answer your own questions about the cops considering you just got a ticket for it?
    Who got the ticket, you or your 17 year old friend?
    And why even preface your question with "I got the ticket, but am asking about getting a ticket for a curious underage friend?" Wouldn't you know if you got it? Why state that he's underage? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
    And a ticket is a ticket right :confused_2:
  18. You shouldn't say ANYTHING. If you already got caught, they don't need any information, so you shouldn't answer any questions without a lawyer present. 99% of the time cops ask you questions is to try to squeeze any info they can get off you so they can use it later. Don't be intimidated by things like "if you tell us X we won't arrest you/charge you" or "if you don't tell us X we have to detain you." that's all bullshit.

    on the contrary, if you haven't gotten caught yet and you are stopped by a cop (and have a small amount on you) the best thing is usually to be honest that you have it on you. you have a better chance at only getting a warning, and an even better chance if you're under 18.
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    My friends got caught and they were all 18, so they got the $100 dollar fine.

    Just don't talk too much or say something stupid. Say you don't know the name of the guy you bought it from and that you bought it in a town that's at least 30-40 minutes away. Also, sound apologetic and act like you regret having/smoking it.

    If you're under 18, you either get a $1,000 fine or take some class on the harmfulness of drugs. They'd probably tell his parents.

    I'm from Mass too.

    NORML: Mass Laws
  20. ALWAYS say you got it from a different city. They can't do anything about that. Make sure it's out of the county.

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