what do you regret the most....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chikkybabe, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. After reading HJs thread (best of luck by the way) it really got me thinking....if you had to name the biggest regret of your life up to date, what would it be...and how could things have been different for you if you could go back in time and change them....

    after several hours of trying to pinpoint just 1 in my own life (which is quite hard youll find)....i would have to say they all boil down to one...

    i stayed ina relationship with someone who was involved in heavy drugs for 12 years knowing damn well i was not in love, watching my children suffer because they had to go without, having no friends (no real ones) and moving constantly to escape the law....

    consequently i would not change things because i now appreciate love for what it is, i value my friendships, my children have a stable home enviroinment and i hope i am a better and stronger person now than i was....

    sometimes you have to learn to appreciate what you have the hard way...
  2. I believe relationships will be on the top of the list...

    I biggest regret was not marrying the woman who truely wanted to make me happy.. I guess I really didn\'t know that at the time.. I thought she was too goood for me...

    It sucks tooo!!!!!!
  3. I live life without regrets. No time for regretting. Wasted time, and I don\'t mean wasted on weed, either!
  4. I regret not working harder in school. I could have gotten a scholarship if I had only done my damn homework.
  5. The thing I regret most is not hooking up with the \"hot\" girl so I could be with the \"nice\" girl. The nice girl turned out to be a whore.
  6. Well, at first I thought..\"Humm Only ONE?\" but as I started really thinking about the decisions I\'ve made, or haven\'t made, I started to see how each one was connected to who I am right now... Sure, maybe I\'m not perfect... but who I am right now is the only person I WANT to be. Maybe that\'s what they mean when they say no regrets.

  7. ditto....
  8. regret the most alot of things

    runing in to a cop car one day

    regret cops in my town knowing me by name

    regret the most of all is haveing love then lost

    but we can all sit a regret life or Go out and live it

  9. too true..
  10. Other than the one I mentioned, I have made sure not to have regrets..
  11. smoking cigerettes...sometimes not realizing when i \'hurt\' others around me..... and in general fucking things up.... :D

    but you live, you learn and you die..... one can only hope we get to keep past knowledge....:)
  12. My only regret is that I am here and not where I should be.

    *edit* I don\'t mean here as in the City...just where I live.

  13. I know.... You are supposed to be here with me...... Or vise-versa......
  14. Bad choices and bad decissions l got heaps my friends . Regrets ??? only not being there to help friends in need.:[

  15. where are u sposed to be RMJL.........like in another town??
  16. Regrets, I\'ve had a few;
    But then again, too few to mention.
    I did what I had to do
    And saw it through without exemption.

  17. You summed it up so well for me critter.......no wonder I luv ya!!!!!! I am the queen of bad choices and decisions. But I regret nothing because every experience has molded me into the person I am today and I wouldn\'t take that back for anything. My life may not be perfect but I have a wonderful soul and a lifetime of memories to look back on.

    Peace and love to everyone..............

  18. BINGO! Exactly what I think, Flowerchild!!! :)

    Something like that.

  19. Great minds and the purest of hearts always do seem to think alike!!!!

    RMJL..........I respect you and your unbiased and unprejudicial views more than you will ever know. If only there were more out there like you.
  20. it all depends on what time it is......

    sometimes i regret nothing....

    and other times ....i regret it all!!!

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